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Great Ways to Reconnect with Family and Friends After Holidays

Buzzle Staff Nov 24, 2018
Don't let the stress of the holiday season carry over into the new year. Use this period of relative quiet to reconnect with friends, family and yourself. Yes, you've all been together a lot lately, but have you really connected?
Once the holidays are over, the gifts unwrapped, decorations put away and sanity restored, a sense of calm descends over your life. Except, no, it doesn't.
You feel rushed and flustered because you have a million things to catch up on, because you let certain things slide during the holidays, so now you have to work late every night, redecorate the house, learn a new language (New Year's resolution), get in shape, and teach the kids to play piano, all hopefully by next week.
Stop it. Just stop. Remember how busy you were during the holidays? That comes around every year. If you don't allow yourself time to de-stress and settle down, you'll just keep piling stress on top of stress until you're so nuts that nobody wants to be around you anymore. You're in the lull after the storm, so use this time wisely - reconnect.


You probably saw quite a bit of your family over the holidays, but did you actually connect with them? How many heart-to-heart talks did you have? How many deep feelings of love, security and warmth did you experience?
Or was it a crowded, rushed affair, socializing in a hurry because the roast will burn if you don't take it out and we gotta leave because we're expected at so-and-so's house and oh! kids- it's time for bed but little Jimmy can't find his toothbrush...
Sound familiar? This month connect with your family on a more intimate level. Schedule relaxed family dinners and game nights, meet Mom for lunch, go for a walk with your sister. Think small groups or one-on-one time, no distractions, just fun and togetherness. Family is your first social group, and a source of support and love that runs deep. Nourish it.


You probably saw as much of your friends over the holidays as you did your family - but it was in the midst of parties and large gatherings, right?
No wonder you find yourself missing your best friend lately even though you were at four parties together last week and you went Christmas shopping together the week before that.

If you're a phone-talker, a nice long chat can be a great way to catch up as long as neither of you is otherwise occupied. Why not get-together instead?
Think small, intimate dinners, just you, your spouse, and your favorite couple. Or head to that cute little cafe for coffee and desserts, and tell your best friend to ignore her diet for the day. Go fishing. Paint together. Whatever brought you together in the first place is a good way to reconnect.


It's important to reconnect with your job, too. After all, you spend the majority of your waking hours there. Chances are, you've been on autopilot lately.
Take a deep breath, and contemplate your purpose in the company. Think about what it is you do, and who you help on a daily basis. Also who helps you, and express your gratitude. Ask yourself if your job is fulfilling - if it's not, explore ways to change, whether asking for additional responsibility, a better work/life balance, or a completely new career.


Finally, reconnect with yourself. Think about what it means to be you - define yourself by something other than your list of functions and obligations.
Don't be optimistic, be honest - explore yourself, warts and all. Decide what you need to change to become the person you want to be. Then do it.