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Reasons Your Best Friends are More Important Than Your Girlfriend

Sai Kardile Nov 5, 2018
When you are in a relationship, it's very natural to think that your sun rises and sets on your girlfriend. You just cannot help but sink all your energy thinking about that one 'girl' who has seized your imagination, but does her inclusion spells exclusion of your friends from your life? Definitely not.
"Where would you be without friends? The people to pick you up when you need lifting? We come from homes far from perfect, so you end up almost parent and sibling to your friends - your own chosen family. There's nothing like a really loyal, dependable, good friend. Nothing."
- Jennifer Aniston
Well, you seriously cannot be that person who only values one amazing part of his life. Your life is composed of a lot of elements that inadvertently and subliminally define who you really are.
Friendship is that important facet of your life that sculpts you- well that may be far from being billed as a masterpiece, but those very wrongly chiseled, joined, and soldered parts MAKE YOU. That's quite an explanation, we reckon but it's true.
Falling in love is an awesome feeling, but it cannot supplant the warmth, craziness, and tacit understanding of your strengths and weaknesses that one forges with his best friends. In your equation with your best friends, no matter the plan you make it to work, WORKS.

Some reasons having best friends are and always be more important than a girlfriend.

It doesn't behoove you to stay in touch with your best friends always as your girlfriend

It's like an implicit arrangement that you make with your girlfriend. She will make sure that she is kept in the loop in all the important or not very important plans and decisions of your life. This, is not the case with your friends.
They don't want to know or care about you but they can surely survive without being told about every little thing that's happening in your life. There will be times when messages will go un-replied or calls wouldn't be made for weeks on the trot or there won't be frequent meet-ups as they used to be, but all this certainly doesn't weaken your bond with them.

You don't always have to be at your 'presentable' best

This is so really cool with your friends! Your unkempt appearance, disheveled face or threadbare togs will not bother your friends at all (probably be more or less in the same shabby fettle). However, with your girlfriend, whether it's a romantic rendezvous or impromptu meet-up in the wee hours, you have to make up all fine and dandy.

Your best friend will never ask you for a 'space' or vice versa

'Space' is a universal word that's thrown around more in relationships than in physics. Your girlfriend, at some point or the other, is going to need some 'space' to explore her needs and expectations.
Likewise, you too would feel the urge to have a sufficient freedom from your girlfriend to figure your life, but 'space' is a word that is unheard of in friendship. You would probably be looking for your friends to make full of the space.

You can always believe in your friends advice and opinion

Your friends know you inside out, they have been privy to your secrets, seen the best and worst side of you and know how to deal with you. They will never give you their attenuated opinion or advice on something but will try to keep you aligned with reality.
But, your girlfriend, may not give you an honest opinion, for the fear that she may hurt your feelings or maybe she can't gauge the gravity of a situation and form any opinion on it.

You can have a myriad of best friends!

Your best friends are accepting and tolerant of the fact that you have other friends and sometimes you prefer hanging out with them instead. They don't mind you broadening your social circle and won't bother to know why you have befriended. This can be an area of dissent between you and your girlfriend who may not approve of your closeness with some people.

You can confide your secrets with your friends but not your girlfriend

Your girlfriend may be your good friend, but sometimes of dicey nature that you cannot just spew out before her. Your best friends share in the knowledge of both your Jekyll and Hyde sides, therefore, confiding a secret with your friend feels more secure and easier than with your girlfriend. And you cannot tell your girlfriend how gnawing she can be, right?

Your friends don't need your parents approval

We all have some friends who our parents are totally enamored of but you wish this attitude was same for your girlfriend. You can have a best friend at any point of time in your life, but having a girlfriend in 5th grade is not something that your parents will be kicked about.
You will never have to keep the identity or presence of your friend under cover like your girlfriend for the fear that your parents will never approve of them, because parents can be tolerant of unusual best friends but not unusual girlfriend!

Because you have friends all your life

No matter how you slice it but the fact remains the same that relationships are (or can be) transitory, but friendships are for life. Your best friends will always have your back, will never sell you out, abandon you or make you feel encumbered with heaps of expectations.
Most importantly, they will accept you irrespective of your age, size, looks or financial status and will genuinely be there for you- be that to offer a handkerchief to blow your nose or cry with a running nose alongside you.