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7 Compelling Reasons Introverts Make the Best Leaders

Reasons Introverts Make the Best Leaders
Leaders need not necessarily be extroverts and have outgoing personalities. Introversion leadership is of a different kind, and is characterized by less talk and more action. Examples of great introverted leaders include Bill Gates, Marissa Mayer, Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, etc.
SocialMettle Staff
Last Updated: Sep 22, 2018
Introverts Prefer Solitude
Introverts prefer solitude
Solitude is one of the main characteristics of introverted leaders. They embrace solitude and love their alone time. They are highly independent in every aspect of life and, are comfortable working alone. They do not need a crowd of people around them all the time.
Introverts Think Deeply
Introverts think a lot
Thinking is a trait of most leaders, introvert leaders go one step ahead. They can sit alone, thinking of their work, devising new concepts, finding loopholes. Ability to think deeply reflects in their leadership when they dig deep into every issue, delve into problems, and find proper solutions.
Introverts are Humble
Introverts are Humble
Power is an intoxicating mistress, and in general, leaders tend to be a little haughty. Introverts however, are modest by nature. The ability to show egoism and self-importance is not their trait. Naturally, they tend to be humble leaders, at least, compared to those who are seemingly extroverted.
Introverts Have Tremendous Influence
Introverts have Tremendous Influence
Sometimes, excess talking does not convince clients or the public. Silent leaders have a mystery about them that instigates curiosity; introverts are among those rare people who have the ability to command respect naturally.
They let their action do the talking, and have a strangely magical style of getting things done that influences and inspires people. They radiate power and security, and have a strong focus. No fake assurances - everything is genuine.
Introverts Have a Cool Head
Introverts have a Cool Head
In adversity, everyone turns to the leader. Hence, it is imperative that a good leader handles problems with ease, maturity, and a calming demeanor. Introverts do not panic when faced with any issue. They are not loud reactors - they sit and think calmly, and exhibit a reassuring attitude.
Introverts - Excellent Listeners and Good Followers
Introverts - Excellent Listeners and Good Followers
Introverts are excellent listeners. They listen attentively, and like a sponge soak up every bit of knowledge. They think first and talk later, with well-formulated strategies.
Introverts are also great followers. They respect and follow the ideas of their peers. If one of their followers has a better idea, they willingly step back and give them a chance to offer suggestions. They have empathy towards their seniors and subordinates.
Introverts are Brilliant Decision-makers
Introverts are brilliant decision-makers
Introverts listen, think, and plan. Thus, they are always well-prepared for any situation. They don't settle for anything but the best. They focus on depth, quality, and thoughtfulness.
They can manage uncertain situations, take time to think, and are extremely prudent. Thus, they are brilliant decision-makers. They do not decide anything in a hurry, but ponder over the problem, find an optimized solution, and then take a well-informed decision.