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Your Guide to Reading Facial Expressions

Kashmira Lad Sep 29, 2018
A face can reveal a lot about one's innermost feelings. Sometimes just by observing someone's facial expressions we understand what the person wants to say. Get a quick look into the importance of reading them in this SocialMettle post, and it will definitely help you to know people better.
Our body language conveys a lot without our knowledge. Effective body language is very significant as a means of non-verbal communication. When used in an appropriate manner, our body language can help us to overcome many issues in our professional and personal life as well.
Our face expresses a lot more than we can imagine. Reading facial expressions can reveal more about the person than you can ever imagine. Only an observant person can ever notice a slight hint of mischief in the eye! Therefore understanding the silent language of the face is very important in various spheres of life.
This would help us in selecting the right partners or even assist us in gauging people in our professional life. Our face reflects our personality and when it comes to first impressions, an expressive face and an optimistic body language will help us to achieve our desired goals.

Reading and Understanding Facial Expressions

Our face reveals a lot of our thoughts or feelings without us even realizing it.
No matter how hard we try, we can’t control certain basic facial expressions. A smile can be more than just a smile; it can be sarcastic or one that ridicules someone.
It is very easy to understand a genuine smile, as it reaches the eyes. Take a look around you, how many people have genuinely smiled at you today?
A smile can be an act to express a polite behavior or it could also be completely authentic. It would depend on the feelings of the person. To know a genuine smile, simply look into the person's eyes. A warm person would naturally make you feel happy all over.
How often has such an incident happened with you? You may have finally broached a very difficult topic with your family member and you may have felt he/she has not been genuine with the answers. Wouldn't you then wish for a way to read a person's mind?
Well, reading facial expressions is not really too difficult, a stiff and firm mouth with a reluctant attitude can reveal the person has not completely agreed with you although his/her words may mean the opposite. On the other hand, if the face is relaxed and the body language seems to be at ease, you can rest assured the person means what he/she is saying.
How often have we understood what the other person is trying to convey without really saying a word? Think back about certain incidents that shaped your day and you would know how expressions of the face are used to convey feelings unintentionally. Different parts of our face can reveal various emotions.
A pleading gesture can be described with raised eyebrows, a slightly wrinkled forehead and a worried look in the eyes.
A confused person generally has his/her eyes wide open, a slightly ajar mouth and raised eyebrows. Tense face muscles generally indicate nervousness or anger.
A teary eyed person with a drooping mouth would suggest something has really upset this person to make him/her look gloomy. Take a look at yourself when you are angry; an upturned mouth, tense look in the eyes and a wrinkled forehead are all tell-tale signs of anger.
Reading facial expressions is therefore very important to know and understand a person better. It would help us develop better relationships and be with people who are genuine from within.
Facial expressions can however be deceptive at times when people completely master the art of controlling their mind. This may prove to be useful in professional life when one need not always express what he/she feels.
However, it's always good to be with people who express themselves freely, through words as well as body language. It would only help you to establish a better bond with the people you care for in your life.