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Start Chatting with Questions to Ask People

Neha Joshi Apr 20, 2019
Tired hunting and thinking of some random questions to ask people? Worry not, dear friends! Here are some funny random questions and some questions you can ask people you don't know (and want to know).
Random questions can help in a truckload of situations. When you are stuck with an unknown person for hours, when you go out with a boring associate or just when you want to have a conversation and nothing comes to your mind. At times, some funny random questions for friends also help in making the atmosphere a bit light.
They can bring that perfect smile for you. You also need random questions to get to know someone better, don't you? You can't just talk philosophy with someone you don't know. For all these reasons, know these random questions, and start asking them as soon as you can.

Random Questions To Ask People You Don't Know

✦ Hey! I've seen you around. Do you live nearby?
✦ Your face seems really familiar. Do you think we've met before?
✦ Where are you from? What made you relocate? (If the person is not from the same city)
✦ Have you always been working with this company? How long?
✦ Has this always been your dream job/career?
✦ Do you know any good places to dine at in this city?
✦ You seem an introvert. You don't talk much, do you?
✦ Hey! My name is _____. You are?
✦ What are your views on _____? (Some current happening or news)
✦ Have you visited ____? (Some place that just opened or something like that)

Random Questions To Ask People About Themselves

✦ What is your favorite ____? (color, movie, song.....etc.)
✦ Do you like watching movies or listening to songs? What genre?
✦ Is there something you are really passionate about? What is it?
✦ Are you an emotional person or a materialistic person?
✦ Are you afraid of any particular thing? Heights? Water?
✦ When was the first time you ____? (sang, cooked, went out for a date, got drunk)
✦ Have you always been this shy/outgoing or did this come later?
✦ Are you really passionate about something? How did it happen?
✦ What is your first memory of sadness? Happiness? Romance?
✦ Have your ever been vindictive towards someone? Why?

Funny Random Questions

✦ Is it always this boring when you don't know the other person?
✦ What do you think came first, the chicken or the egg?
✦ Why do we always get what we never wanted?
✦ Why do round pizzas come in square boxes?
✦ Why do people laugh more on lame jokes than the good ones?
✦ Do you always have that expression on your face or do I make you feel that way?
✦ How do you think can one hijack a lift?
✦ Do you think it is right to say 'happily married'?
✦ Why do bars have parking lots when we aren't allowed to drink and drive?
✦ What do you think happened to Michael Jackson?

Random Questions to Ask a Girl

There are a lot of times when you need random questions to ask a girl you like, isn't it? It's not always that you find questions to ask at the right times. For this reason, we have these few random questions to ask your girlfriend or just a girl you like.
✦ If ever given a choice between your career and this relationship, what would be your priority?
✦ Do you believe in love at first sight?
✦ If there is one thing you could change between you and me, what would it be?
✦ Is there anything that you don't like about me? How can I change it?
✦ If our lives together could be a movie, which one would it be?
✦ What comes to your mind first, when I say love?
✦ If I grant you three wishes, what would you ask for?
✦ Would you ever relocate for your loved one?
✦ What would you do if I happen to fall in love with someone else?
✦Do you believe in live-in relationships? Why?

Random Questions to Ask a Boy

Just like random questions to ask a girl, you also need random questions to ask a guy you like. Sometimes, we need something to talk about and it just doesn't come to us when we need it the most, isn't it?
At such times, these deep questions can help you in what you want to say and what you want to know. These random questions to ask your boyfriend can prove to be helpful when you are looking for the right question to ask at the right moment.
✦ Do you think I'm the one? Why?
✦ Do you value this relationship? How much?
✦ Do you think we can take this relationship further?
✦ When did you know that I was the one?
✦ If you were to dedicate a song to me, which one would it be? Why?
✦ If there was a book written on us, what would you want the last chapter to be?
✦ If ever there are bad times, how would you react to them?
✦ If we were to stay away for sometime, what would you miss the most about me?
✦ How do you see yourself ten years from now?
✦ Do you think friendship is an essential part of being in love?
These random questions to ask people weren't that random after all, were they? Sometimes, these questions to ask a guy or a girl, can give you surprising answers. At times, one random question can lead to a beautiful conversation or a relationship even.