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Random Conversation Starters

Random Conversation Starters

We all are a bit hesitant when it comes to starting a conversation with someone who we are not familiar with. This article provides you some conversation starters which may help you break ice with someone you want to befriend.
Rahul Pandita
Everyday we come across people who form a part of our social circle. But, have you ever realized that the guy you call your 'pal' was once a stranger. The cousin who looks so beefy now was skinny as a stick when you first met him, or the aquaintance of yours was really nervous and looking for a friendly face on his first day in office. Yes, all the people we take for granted were once strangers, and probably your first conversation with each other would have revolved around weather or the evening NBA game!

When we come across with someone we don't know, but want to talk to, we suddenly feel apprehensive and tongue-tied. It can be because we are nervous or may be we feel that there is nothing that we can talk about to break the ice. This can sometimes lead to very embarrassing situations, so it is important that we learn the skill of starting a conversation. Conversation starters prove beneficial not only while talking to complete strangers but also while interacting with people one isn't fully acquainted with. How often we find ourselves in situations where we have got a lot to say, but do not know how to strike a conversation. So, let bygones be bygones, and start afresh to improve our social skills with the help of some conversation starters.

Conversation Starters with Strangers

If you want to have a vast network of friends or don't want to be looked upon as stubborn and someone with a high-and-mighty attitude, it is necessary that you know the art of starting a conversation. Also, many of us feel that we know a good deal about the likes and dislikes of our friends, but we can always know more about them by asking some funny questions. These funny questions not only light up the conversation, but also ensure that you and your friends have a good laugh.

The most difficult part in starting a conversation with a stranger is getting started. So, before starting a conversation with a stranger, you can warm yourselves up a bit by making eye contact or may be, you can exchange a casual, "Hi!". You can then follow it up by making a general comment like, "The weather seems to be great today!". You can then start a real conversation on topics like food, music, movies, books, etc. You should refrain from getting into politics or religion as these are sensitive issues and can make the other person feel offended.

There are times when you catch up with someone after quite a while and suddenly realize that you are struggling to strike a conversation. In these circumstances, you can take the help of the conversation starters mentioned below. These set up the tone for a healthy conversation and ensure that you make yourself and as well as the other person comfortable.
  • How has the day been so far?
  • What time do you get up in the morning?
  • Which TV series do you like the most?
  • Which is your favorite movie?
  • Which actor do you like the most?
  • What genre of music do you like to listen to?
  • Which website do you like the most?
  • Which book did you enjoy reading the most?
  • Have you ever been out of the country?
  • Which dish do you like the most?
  • What is your zodiac sign?
  • What profession you are in?
  • What was your best job?
  • Tell me something about your family?
  • Which cars fascinate you?
  • Who is your favorite game-show host?
There are people for whom humor is essential in a conversation. Oscar Wilde - the famous novelist and dramatist - was widely known for his ability to be spontaneous and humorous while starting a conversation. He once said, "Conversation about weather is the last refuge of the unimaginative", taking a dig at the customary way of starting a conversation in Britain. So, for people who would like to start a conversation on a jolly note, we have some funny conversation starters.
  • I am looking for some good topic to start a conversation, but I don't think it is my day. Can you help me out with one?
  • What did people call you when you were young?
  • What is the funniest thing that you have done as a kid?
  • Do you wear socks which have holes in them? No?, then how do you put your foot into them?
  • When our hands are full, why does the nose or some place on the face start itching?
  • Which cartoon character would you relate me with?
  • What is the weirdest thing that you have eaten?
  • When you grow old, what kind of person would you like to be?
These were some funny conversation starters. The ability to have a great conversation depends on the questions that you can ask and giving the other person due respect when he is speaking. It can also happen that you start a conversation with someone but after some time you aren't able to maintain the flow and there is dead air hanging in-between. So, you need to ensure that not only do you start the conversation in the right way, but you also keep it interesting. You can always take the help of the random conversation starters mentioned above to ensure that you master the art of conversing. As Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton rightly said, "The true spirit of conversation consists in building on another man's observation, not overturning it."