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Public Transit Rules and Etiquette

Public Transit Rules and Etiquette You Should Follow at Any Cost

We live in a society and it is necessary to understand the importance of behaving properly on public transit. Learn about the basic public transit rules and etiquette.
SocialMettle Staff
Last Updated: Sep 11, 2018
There are certain rules that should be followed, when you come out in public places, where people gather in large numbers like buses, trains, etc. When we travel in a bus or train, we often complain about lot of things like improper behavior, insufficient space, etc. It is a rational thing that there are also others who complain about us.
Public Transit Etiquette
Be Observant
One of the important rules to follow is to have a quick and keen perception during public transit. When you are walking on the road or traveling in a bus or train, watch out for the people on your path and give them way. Maintain appropriate behavior while passing by or standing near a woman in a bus or train.
Respect a person's personal space and do not occupy it. Remember that people are cramped as you are, so, do not create any unwanted mess. Though your space in a crowded place is restricted to a small area, there is no reason to rub against others hands or breathe out on their faces. Be careful enough, not to step on the foot of other people whom you pass by.
Sit on the Right Seat
Usually, in a train or a bus, seats are reserved for women and physically-challenged people. Do not occupy those places reserved for them. In case, if you occupy those seats and the person for whom the seat is reserved, asks you to move out, get up politely and leave the seat.
It is always better not to sit on such seats. There is no wrong in giving your seat to elderly people, pregnant women and mothers holding small children.
Be Well-mannered
It is common sense to use handkerchiefs while sneezing or coughing. Do not place any inanimate objects on the seat next to you, and give space for others to sit. If you want privacy, better buy your own vehicle.
Be sensible enough, not to brush your hair or clip your nails, if a person is standing near you. Do not fling your hair in public and strike the face of others. It is common sense not to smoke or consume alcohol during public transits.
Don't Lean on Wrong Places
Poles are designed in public transports for people to hold on, for balance. So, do not lean on the poles and remove all the possible handles for others. Also, be decent enough, not to lean on the back of others too.
Avoid Disturbance Through your Children
Constant slapping of plastic toys by your child, might sound as of a jackhammer. Do not eat or feed your child in a confined area because no one knows where the food would fly when your train or bus, suddenly jerks. Do not let others get perturbed, for your poor parenting skills. Learn and teach your children to behave in public places.
Use Headphones
woman on bus listening music
If you want to listen to music, use earphones or headphones and tune the music to low volume. You should remember that, not everyone loves Avril Lavigne or Lady Gaga. Do not sing, hum or yodel because people may hate you for that.
Step Out of the Exit Way
In trains and buses, people get down at different stations. So, do not stand at the door and block the way of others to enter. Avoid getting up from your seat often and causing disturbance to others. Move into the train or bus and fill in the empty spaces in the middle or back of the transport, rather than standing near the door.
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In buses, usually there are two doors, one for entry and other for exit, use the right doors.
Avoid Unnecessary Talk
Do not have unnecessary conversations with drivers and also passengers who are reading or listening to music. When you are in a crowded place, talk in a hushed voice while conversing with your friends and talking over mobile phones. It is better to avoid intimate conversations with your partners, so that you do not end up as a fun element before others.
Use Deodorant and Mouthwash
toothpaste and deodorant
Use a good deodorant to avoid embarrassment, and use a mouthwash, to prevent unpleasant smell from your mouth. It helps you to maintain healthy personal hygiene and also people nearby you would not say - 'this guy is stinking!'
Make sure that your attitude, behavior and habits are not at the cost of others comfort. Remember that, we all share the same earth and we need to learn, how to act civilized. Finally, be respectful, helpful and treat your fellow commuters in a friendly manner.