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Public Speaking Tips for Kids

Geeta Dhavale Jun 18, 2019
Participating in any elocution or debate competition in school requires you to be a good speaker. Read to learn some techniques that will help you to develop your public speaking skills.
Getting frightened or nervous while speaking in front of a crowd is quite natural; however, some are able to manage it well. Many people, especially kids indeed get scared and nervous when they are made to speak in public. So here are some tips that will help kids speak in front of people, whether it is debates, elocution competitions, or speeches.

Tips and Techniques

Background Research

Being ready with all the information you need is one of the most important public speaking tips for kids. Being young and inexperienced, you may not have knowledge of certain things and may find it difficult to talk spontaneously on a given topic.
Hence, it is advisable that you gain complete knowledge about the topic you are going to talk about. This gives you confidence that even if you forget a line or two, you know what you have to say.

Structure the Speech

An important aspect is to arrange thoughts in a logical order. It is advisable that you write your speech in your own words. This will provide you with a chance to express your thoughts in your own way. Structuring also helps you in understanding the flow of the speech and main points of the topic that you must highlight.


While practicing, you have to read the speech again and again, and try to remember the sequence of thoughts. After a few careful reads, things will come easily to your mind. However, practice delivering the lines, which words need to be stressed, how much pause should be taken, etc. You can take help and guidance from your parents or teachers in this case.

Trial Speech

Once you are prepared, take a trial speech. You can go to the actual venue if possible, and deliver the speech standing on the stage, imagining the audience.
If not, you can stand in front of the mirror, or ask your parents to be the audience and deliver the speech. Take their suggestions regarding intonation, body language, etc., and improve upon your public speaking skills. This will surely boost your confidence.

Mental Preparations

You must also train your mind to be cool and calm. For this, you must perform some relaxing exercises such as meditation and deep breathing. It will help you to stay relaxed and comfortable throughout the speech.

On The Day

Finally, on the day of the actual event, you must consider the following tips:
  • Get up a little early, and wear the most comfortable clothes and groom yourself well.
  • Now, rehearse it one last time, before you leave the house.
  • Be positive, and don't panic. If you feel so, take a deep breath.
  • While walking to the stage, make sure that you are comfortable and looking at the crowd.
  • You can smile at people you know and feel normal.
  • Get comfortable with the surrounding and the audience.
  • Do not rush while talking; take pauses and talk in the normal tone and accent.
  • If you make a mistake, do not stammer and get conscious. You may accept it and continue.
  • Instead of making eye contact all the time with the same person, you can shift glances at different people. If not, you can concentrate on the four corners of the hall.
  • Make sure that your body language and facial expressions are compatible with what you are saying.
  • Lastly, be confident.