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The Underrated Pros and Cons of Being a Brutally Honest Person

Sai Kardile Nov 25, 2018
Honesty is the best policy but with 'brutal' annexed to it, it is more to inflict than improve. However merciless or inhumane it may seem, one cannot deny the galvanization it can work in you to change yourself. Here is the much-debated topic of the pros and cons of being brutally honest.
"I'm very honest - brutally honest. I always look at things from their point of view as well as mine. And I know when to walk away."
― Indra Nooyi
There's a certain beauty in pain; the more excruciating the pain, the more you wrestle to emancipate yourself from it. It elicits a part of you that is strong-willed and stouthearted, and therein lies the beauty of the pain, for it draws out that light of you that was hidden under bushel.
But sometimes, the pain brought on by words can be way beyond our capacity to endure, and one may never be able to rise from its fatal blow. In case you are wondering where we are taking you, it's a treacherous path called 'brutal honesty'.
What works for one may totally wreck the other, so there's no solid theory that favors or opposes brutal honesty. However, like the way things in nature are supposed to be, honesty too comes with its pros and cons. So, if you are one of the active proponents of this cruel form of candor, then you should know both the positives and negatives of it.

Pros of brutal honesty

You are taken as an insignia of truth

People take your word for gospel as they know your view about those who stretch the truth or reduce its amplitude to make it bearable for others. That's an honor you have achieved through years of reckless honesty.

Your confidence levels are pretty high

You are very confident about yourself, to the fault of being self-righteous. Your beliefs are firmly anchored, and that gives you a leg up on others who, unlike you, run with the hare and hunt with the hounds.
You are in a better position as you've courage to tell others where they are going wrong, and you also know when you are veering off from the reality.

You share a good rapport with reality

Brutal honesty keeps things real. You don't fondle with imaginary or quixotic ideas about yourself, others, or any situation. When things are going wrong, you get your act together instead of hoping for things to tidy up on their own.

You don't believe in squandering your precious energy

You are not one of those types who sink their energy in gnawing wings.
You can suss out situations well for yourself, so when you know something is a plain soul-sapping activity, you are smart to not get yourself involved in it, even if that means not going out on a date with a dense but hot girl.

People like to be honest with you

Since you have set a high bar of honesty for people and subject them to a volley of cruel truths, people too, don't flinch from throwing truths at you. In other words, they also begin to tar with the same brush as yours.

Cons of brutal honesty

Very rarely do you make a positive first-impression on people

Speaking your blunt mind all the time has become such an ingrained habit of yours that you don't know that you have become totally oblivious to civil propriety.
Being recklessly honest with someone who has never been ripped apart by your honesty before will not deem it rewarding but outright insulting.

You suck at relationships

You aren't, by any stretch of imagination, an easy person to brook up within a relationship. Your shocking opinions and responses have caused irreparable emotional pain to many.

You don't have many friends

By virtue of your brazen honesty, it comes as no surprise that you don't attract people (positively) in your life. Calling spade a spade is not exactly a card game everyone likes to play.

Your honesty is sometimes too hot to handle

Sometimes, the brutality of your honesty is so severe that you wind up hurting someone deeply forever. Your words cruelly sabotage your connections with people to the point of no return.

You are seen as a complete enfant terrible

You are viewed as that incorrigible, badly-behaved child who says outright embarrassing and shocking things to people. So people naturally prefer maintaining a safe distance from you, since they don't fancy being on the receiving end of your brutal honesty.