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15 Waggish Problems You Face if You Have a Unique Name

Tanaya Navalkar Apr 17, 2019
Having a hard time explaining your name to people? We totally feel your pain. It feels nice to have a unique and uncommon name, especially when you stand out from the crowd; however, there come many struggles and problems along with it.
"It ain't what they call you, it's what you answer to."
― W.C. Fields
So, it seems that you too have a unique and uncommon name. Welcome to the 'People with unique names' club! Having an unusual name can be both, a blessing and a curse. Of course, who doesn't feel proud and happy to know that they have a unique name among all their peers! But as soon as some people start pronouncing your name, it all goes downhill from there.
It paves the way for everyone else to follow them, and before you even know it, you yourself forget what your actual, special, unique name was! You are tired of fighting the useless battle of correcting your name every time, and have never succeeded.
You've accepted your fate as a person who is always called by different and crooked versions of your name. It's okay; you're definitely not alone in this. So, for all you people out there with unique names, here's a list of things you will definitely relate to and feel better. After all, there's at least someone who gets you, isn't it?

Struggles of People with Unique Names

You get mini panic attacks whenever you are asked for your name at a restaurant

Whenever you give an order at a restaurant, and you are asked for your name, the only thing that goes on in your mind is, "I'll kill you if you get my name wrong!"
And then, you think to yourself that they already don't get the common names right, so there's hardly a 1% chance that they will get yours right. You've pretty much given up the hope of them getting your name right in this incarnation.

You have to repeat your name many times when introducing yourself to someone new

Whenever you meet someone new, you automatically start spelling out your name and repeat it again and again in the hope that they will get it right. Sigh! The same thing happens when you have to say your name over the phone.
You actually don't even bother to pronounce your name and start spelling it out, using the NATO phonetics like T as in Tango, A as in Alpha, N as in November. Also, you are used to hearing 'What?' 'Pardon' 'Come again' after you tell your name to someone for the first time.

You automatically raise your hand during rolls calls just before your name is called

The first day of school was as good as a nightmare for you, since you had to tell your name to everyone in the class.
There comes a point in your school life when you start recognizing the confused look on the professor's face when they reach your name during roll calls. So, to avoid the awkward pronunciation session, you raise your hand before they call out your name. You've developed this natural reflex of raising your hand whenever there's a pause before your name.

People make their own versions of your name

How hard you try and teach the proper pronunciation of your name to some people, they will still get it wrong. Not only they get it wrong, but also bring out their own versions of your name. Why? Because it's easier for them to pronounce. They still ask you if they can call you by some 'generic' name, to which your reply is a plain, straight NO in capitals!

People still get your name wrong on social media sites

So, it's your birthday and you're all excited to check all the birthday wishes and messages on Facebook?
You open your homepage and what do you see? Four out of 10 people have misspelled your name, and you're like, "Dude WTF! My name is right there next to your comment!"

Your name is often misspelled in official documents and e-mails

The worst nightmare strikes when your name is spelled wrong in official documents, like a passport, driving license, etc., as if the long lines and ages of processing time was not enough to make you want to pull your hair out!
Some even go to the extent of calling you a Mr. instead of Ms. Moreover, your name is always a spelling mistake on your phone and Ms Word. Thanks to auto-correct for all the weird suggestions and versions!

You actually feel happy and excited when a stranger pronounces your name correctly

It actually makes your day when someone you meet for the first time pronounces your name correctly, and that too in the first try itself.
You feel like celebrating if that person also knows where your name comes from and what it means. Sometimes, it's hard for you to believe after having been called by a wrong name for a long time now. It's like winning the lottery out of nowhere.

You never find any souvenir with your name on it

Personalized key chains and other accessories were always an attraction for some. But you never find any key chains, mug, T-shirts, or any other accessories that has your name on it. And if you happen to stumble upon one, you either buy it then and there, or at least click a picture of it to show it to the world.

You are always asked the story behind your name

People always ask you the meaning and history behind your name, even though you must have told them already 20 times before. But hey, start feeling special, because people are more interested in your name than the common ones. One more reason to love your name!

Some more problems that you would relate to...

People actually ask if you've misspelled your own name. Seriously, why would anybody even do that?

You've actually considered saying a different name at a restaurant or even changing it, but didn't because you kind of like your name, or even love it.

You're tired of correcting people and simply respond even if they pronounce it wrong.
When you meet someone with another unique name, you don't know whether to feel happy and be best friends with that person or indulge in a verbal battle of whose name is more unique.

You take extra care while pronouncing other people's names, and make sure that others too get it right.
Even after so many struggles, you still love your name and are proud of it. You sometimes thank your parents for giving you such a wonderful name that nobody else could think of. At least for now, before it gets common.