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Platonic Relationships and Their Importance in Your Life

Neha Joshi Nov 23, 2018
A lot of people want to know whether it is justified to indulge in a platonic relationship. Here we will tell you more about platonic relationships and their importance in one's life. Keep reading and you will have all your questions answered.
Many men and women face emotional incompatibility today. Though understanding is the basis of every relationship, emotions can become complex to understand at times. Sometimes, work demands more of your time and this makes it impossible for you to give time to your personal life.
There are times when your partner can be patient and will wait for a moment when feelings can be talked about. On the flip side, emotions can demand immediate priority. If this happens too many times, the one who is not being listen to, might feel ignored and neglected.
Though that person knows his partner isn't doing this on purpose, it affects the stability of a person nonetheless. At such times, this emotionally misunderstood person looks for someone who can understand him/her. This fact brings into existence a platonic relationship.
A platonic relationship is where two people of the opposite sex connect with each other solely, due the matching of their emotional wavelength. There is no physical or sexual aspect to this kind of a relationship.

Importance of Platonic Relationships

Many people focus on the negative side of a platonic relationship and fail to understand its importance. A platonic relationship can be very helpful for the emotional development and well-being of an individual. This relationship can make life much simpler and happier if it's perceived in the right way by people who are directly and indirectly involved.

They Fill the Void...

If you have ever been in a platonic relationship, you will surely agree to one thing. We all need just one person in our lives to understand us. The person you share a platonic relationship with, becomes that person. Who can you be in platonic relationship with? That first number you dial when you want to share a great news or a sad one for that matter.
That one person you know can make you laugh, that one person who will 'be there' just when you need him/her. You will meet a lot of people in your life who listen to you, but only this one person will understand you, like nobody else does!
When you don't know such a person, you continuously feel a certain void in your life. An emptiness you can't explain. A feeling of 'aloneness' more than that of loneliness.

Can Develop Into a Great Friendship...

Platonic relationships can develop into really great friendships. If you can refrain yourselves from crossing the boundaries you have decided on or those imposed by the nature of this relationship, you can actually share a great friendship and even more fantastic an emotional intimacy. It is more difficult to find friends than find someone you can date.
Friends who understand you are even more rare. It is usually difficult to limit to a platonic relationship in any boundary as the emotional compatibility between two individuals can get them really close. All you two need to do is remember where your loyalties lie and treasure what you have.

Can Support You the Best...

There are times when you need someone to support you and tell you that if you fall, they are there to catch you. They support you when you need to take chances and decisions concerning some of the most important things in your life.
Your platonic partner knows you the best and he/she can tell you what is the best for you. If you are afraid of following what is best for you, they support you throughout the journey.
There are times, when we are so emotionally disturbed over simple things in life that all we need is someone to talk to us for a minute. Only someone who knows you very well can bring a smile on your face in a minute. Platonic relationships play this role better than any other.

The Much-Needed Assurance...

In life, we are also scared to take certain chances. We think a lot and sometimes, decide to not follow our heart just because of some consequences we might have to face. Whether we are dating someone or not, our platonic partner can help us by giving an assurance that will surely inspire and motivate us to go ahead and take that chance.
During such times, all you need is emotional assurance that everything is going to be fine and whatever the consequences land you in, that person is always going to be there. Very few people we know will understand our side in every story and make some sense while giving us advice.

The Feeling of Being Yourself...

There are very few people and places in this world where we can be ourselves without having to pretend of being absolutely anything. There are few people we can connect to and share almost anything in this world, without having to think that we may sound stupid.
There are few people who would love and treasure us even though we are a little cracked up at times. Platonic relationships provide a zone, where you can be yourself, without worrying. You can relive all the emotions you have missed out on in life and this relationship gives you the freedom to think and discuss anything that comes to your mind.
Platonic relationships indeed do play a very important role in our lives. However, it is very important for you to maintain your boundaries. If you can't control yourself and feels like stepping out of the line, you are in for some trouble. Your emotions and your relationships with other people suddenly become too complex to handle.
Such a transgression makes you face issues such as loyalties and oaths, responsibilities and duties and worst of all, it brings you back to the materialistic world completely. Then again, if you have found the person you think you should be with, contemplate enough before taking a decision.