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How to Deal with Noisy Neighbors

Aparna Jadhav Nov 3, 2018
Noisy neighbors not only disturb the peace of your house, but also create an unhealthy living situation for the entire neighborhood. Find ways to deal with such people.
When we talk about noisy neighbors, it can include neighbors who fight constantly, play loud music, have dogs who bark very often, have parties 6 days a week, and make noise in other ways.
But whatever their noisy habits are, it's very difficult to deal with them, as they lack the common sense of following public rules. Even though it is difficult to cope up with this noise, it is not impossible to stop them or take proper action to let them know, the trouble they are causing.

Dealing With Loud Neighbors

Even when you are living in an apartment, these particular neighbors have reasons to shout, party, and make as much noise as they want, irrespective of others getting disturbed. Since your home is the place you want to relax after a hard day at work, you expect peace, but when the neighbor's son starts playing his stereo, what do you do?
Thus, you have to either stop this commotion, which not only disturbs you but the entire locality, or reduce this kind of rude public behavior. There are many ways you can deal with such people, some of them are mentioned here.

Direct Approach

  • Talk to your neighbors face to face about it.
  • But before you approach them directly with the noise problem, make sure you get to know them personally and establish a relationship with them.
  • When you get to know them and behave in a good way with them, there is no need for complaining and fighting with them to reduce the noise they cause.
  • When your neighbors get a welcoming feeling from you, they would want to be nice to you and won't cause any inconvenience to you.
  • But if your neighbors are stubborn and don't change their habits, take the next step.

Local Ordinance Copy

  • If they still continue with the loud noise and arguing, get a copy of your local noise laws and send a copy over to their home.
  • They might sober down once they realize that the noise is really affecting the other neighbors and reduce the noise.
  • There are different sets of rules and regulations related to local noise control. They have various prohibitions like a loud barking dog, and unreasonable vehicle noises, like honking.
  • Talk to your neighbors over their copy and let them know the consequences in person. Many times, such people make it a point to ignore all these rules and meetings.
  • Under such circumstances, take the following steps.

Take Legal Action

  • When your neighbors are completely ignoring your efforts to get them to reduce the noise, you have to warn them in writing.
  • This time be very clear and tell them to quieten down or there would be legal action taken against them. Make sure the written statement doesn't sound like a threat, but a formal way of saying that you will have to consult the authorities if the situation is not controlled.
  • Sometimes, if you want to simply scare them and not take strict legal action, you can seek the help of mediation services, who talk to the neighbors and ask them to co-operate. If they still don't comply, it's time to take some serious action.
  • Call the police and write a complaint against them suing them for nuisance created in the neighborhood.
Make sure you follow these steps in sequence. Give them ample time to improve. Don't make hasty decisions against them and try to solve these issues on a personal front before you seek legal help.