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You Must Develop These Leadership Characteristics in Yourself

Marlene Alphonse Nov 20, 2018
It is said that leadership characteristics are inborn and cannot be made. Every individual is blessed with some traits of a leader. It is not difficult to learn to be a leader.
"Rough waters are truer tests of leadership. In calm water every ship has a good captain." ~ Swedish Proverb.
Leadership is a trait that comes from within and thus becomes the basic personality of the person. In order to be a leader the first quality one must possess is good character. There are various arguments about leaders, whether they are born or made. Though leadership traits are inborn, they can also be learnt over a matter of time.
A true leader emerges in times of adversities and guides his followers to the goal safely. We come across leaders in all walks of life like politics, any career, spirituality, sports etc. A good and effective leader believes in actions rather than words.
Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr. etc. are only a few examples of great leaders who have become immortal in the chapters of history due to their actions. In order to become a good leader one must possess effective leadership skills.

Characteristics of a Good Leader

Leadership skills do not come overnight, they must be imbibed in order to achieve success in all undertakings. To become a good leader one must put in hard work, determination, and must learn from one's mistakes. Every good leader, regardless of what field he is in, shows certain characteristics and strategies in common.


One of the most vital traits of being a good leader is confidence. A leader must be confident in whatever he does.
He must not be hesitant in taking decisions which may be popular or unpopular. A confident leader is aware of his shortcomings and always maintains his calm, even during emergencies.

Communication Skills

Another major characteristic, A leader must be a good speaker as well as a listener.
He must know to communicate with his followers and also listen to them, ask questions, answer their queries in order to ensure that they have understood what was communicated.

Interpersonal Skills

A leader should also have good interpersonal skills and earn the trust and confidence of his followers.
They must also listen to their followers' grievances and give constructive feedback where required. A good leader must practice flexibility and also adapt to various situations.


A good leader must know how to take decisions in a matter of a second and must be quick in making proper decisions when the time arises. He must also know how to implement the decision and see that it works and is well received by his team members.

Effective Leadership Traits

'Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other', as quoted by John F Kennedy. In order to be a leader, there are many protocols that contribute to being an efficient leader.

Vision to Achieve the Goal

A leader with effective leadership qualities must have a clear vision and goal of what he expects his team to do. A leader with a vision will effectively guide his followers to achieve success.


Another most important characteristic of an effective leader is integrity. He must be trustworthy and reliable and must set an example before his followers. He also should possess the courage to move ahead and do what is correct, no matter what the circumstances will be.

Enthusiasm and Goal Setting

An enthusiastic leader is always welcome in a team. If a person is enthusiastic and lively and is passionate about setting short term and long term goals and fulfilling them, then he will make an effective leader. A positive attitude is also an important trait in a leader.

Resourceful and Decision-Making Abilities

An effective leader must possess good decision-making abilities and should be a resourceful to fulfill the requirements of achieving targets. He must also be empathetic towards his fellow teammates in difficult situations. A good and effective leader can earn praises from his teammates.

Strategic Leadership Attributes

Strategic leadership is defined as the ability to create and execute plans in order to achieve the goals of an organization.
These are some qualities a strategic leader should possess.
☛ A good leader plans well, considering all the possibilities before the execution of a plan.
☛ He is practical as well as pragmatic in order to succeed in his vision for the organization.
☛ He knows proper time management and waits for the correct time to execute his plans.
☛ Takes better decisions and sustains a high performance in the firm's operations effectively.
☛ Has high degree of self-confidence and good interpersonal and creativity skills.
☛ Believes in planning for the future and is committed to the firm's desired strategic outcomes.
If you feel that you have leadership characteristics, just go ahead and show the world what a good leader you are and the rest are bound to follow you.