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An Outline for Introduction Speech

Charlie S Sep 29, 2018
Having a well planned introductory speech is extremely essential for its success. Here we explain in detail of how to finalize an introduction speech outline.
Introduction speeches are a part of each and every seminar or public function, irrespective of what the topics are.
The main responsibility before the person giving the speech is to give the people present at the occasion an idea of what the entire discussion will be about in the seminar to begin. Thus, the speaker has to generate interest among the audience for the speech. An introduction speech outline, which gives you details about how such a speech should be.


The most important thing to take care of is the beginning of the speech. The speaker should ensure that the speech begins by addressing the people who are present on stage and also those who are sitting in the audience, in a decent and graceful manner. The speaker should practice before he actually delivers it to avoid any sorts of mistakes while speaking.
By doing so, all the people present at the venue will feel comfortable and keen to listen the further proceedings. You can tell your name, introduce the invitees and the chief guest, and tell the purpose of the seminar in short. You can make the beginning humorous by cracking a light joke to enlighten the atmosphere at the venue.
However, you should strictly avoid repeating the same point again and again. The beginning should be short, as it can be irritating for the audience if you continue stretching it without any reason.

Main Body

What you should remember at this point is that the body should contain all the points, which will be discussed once the function starts. The audience should get a good idea in brief, about what they can expect in the time to come.
Generally, people come to the programs with a lot of questions in their minds and once they are assured that their question would be answered, they will be attentive throughout the session. You should start announcing the points of discussion by starting with that point which will be discussed first in the function.
If there are different experts to speak on different points, you should also tell the people the name of the speaker who will talk on that particular point. You should also tell the reason why the discussion on these points is important and how it will benefit the people and the rest of the society.
Before the speech begins, you should jot down the points on a piece of paper and revise them many times so that you do not forget them at the last moment. Master the public speaking techniques by taking suggestions from noted anchors.


The conclusion is also an important part to be considered. The conclusion should be short and to the point, as it will be remembered by the audience throughout the program. You should ideally conclude by thanking the organizers, chief guests, and the audience.
While reading out the speech, you should speak in a loud and clear voice and maintain good eye contact with the listeners. Good luck!