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Keep it Simple But Shrewd: Interesting Conversation Starters

Sujata Iyer Nov 22, 2018
Interesting conversation starters should be just that, interesting. And though you may agonize over how to get a good conversation started, the key lies in simplicity and a bit of common sense. Read to know more.
Conversation starters are overrated. You don't really need super-powerful brains, filled with even more super-powerful ideas in order to get a conversation going with someone you don't know.
Have you really stayed awake at night in anguish, thinking about how you would like to start a conversation with a girl you have liked since long and has finally agreed to go out on a date with you?
And even if you have had said thoughts, have you actually used any of those seemingly cool conversation starters on said date? Chances are you were as tongue-tied as you were the first time you saw her.
But even then, we do hold the written word at a very high pedestal, don't we? So just for you, here are some topics that you may want to try out to get that conversation going.

Starting an Interesting Conversation

There's no real point of looking around for great conversation starters to work your way into a fabulously engrossing conversation, when all you have to do is use some basic sense to do a little background research (for lack of a better word), about the person you're so 'terrified' of.
That way, you'll know which TOPICS you can talk about, rather than having a list of questions which seem so random that if they were asked to you, you would be as confused as the poor person sitting across you on that date.

Interesting Ways to Start a Conversation with a Guy

Girls, take this piece of advice seriously. If you know the guy, meaning he knows that you exist, then the first hurdle is already covered.
You greet each other when you'll meet, yet you can't pucker up the courage to speak to him? He's not a fire-breathing dragon you know. For all you know, he might be as awkward as you, trying to figure out what he should say to you! So, take it easy, and rather than looking for pick-up lines or silly excuses, do it with dignity and style.
Know his likes and dislikes, observe him, compliment him on something he's wearing or on something he achieved. And if none of it works, then you have no choice but to resort to some of the ideas given here.

Interesting Ways to Start a Conversation with a Girl

Now, this one's for you boys. As much as you would like to know what the best ways to impress that girl you've been eying are, it's time you learned the truth.
Girls realize in an instant when you're being any of the following: nervous, fake, arrogant, braggy, shy, or worse, lying! So, relax and stop racking your brains because the last thing a girl wants is a guy coming up to her with some cheesy pick-up line, cute though it may seem in text messages and on T-shirts.
Then what should you do? Observe, notice, and then talk. Look carefully (not in a psycho manner) at what she does, what makes her happy, compliment her (girls can never get enough of it) and choose a very neutral topic like the ones mentioned later. Getting too personal with a girl, especially the first time you talk to her, will have her alarms going off!

Some Other Interesting Ways to Start a Conversation

Well then, as per the preceding paragraphs, all you have to do is be natural, use your brains a little, and think of something that both the parties can talk about.
But if you still can't think of anything, then here are some topics that you can talk about. They are quite vast, and you can pick out any one aspect of any one topic that you think will be good interesting to the person in question.
  • A movie that is currently playing
  • The weather
  • A particular song that has become quite popular
  • A festival that either went by, or is approaching
  • Vacations
  • Hobbies
  • An important event that was recently in the news
  • A clothing trend that is in fashion (girl to girl or guy to guy conversation recommended)
  • Dreams
  • School or College
  • Types of food
  • A new restaurant that has just opened
  • TV series
Now remember, even though these are interesting on the whole, they are quite subjective, as you may have guessed. What may be interesting to you may not necessarily be so to another. If the person you're talking to shows an interest in the topic that you're talking about, only then carry on talking about it.
And please realize if the person looks uninterested, and switch to another topic. Just be passionate (but not overly) about what you talk, and you're in for a rewarding and interesting conversation.