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Ways to Improve Your Relationship and Make it Your Safe Haven

Claudia Miclaus Mar 12, 2019
We all enjoy a healthy relationship and we wish we had only good ones but unfortunately this is far from truth. Here are some helpful tips in improving relationships.
We live in a world where everything is increasingly speeding up. Technology has developed surprisingly much in the late years. In 1946 J. Presper Eckert finished his first computer, which occupied an entire room and weighted about 50 tones. Nowadays we have the tiny laptops!
The information flows with the speed of the light, and if we know what we are searching for and have the Internet at hand, we can find out about everything. We can speak with everyone at anytime and anyplace and still we don't have time to truly know each other.
Lots of people get depressed because their relationships problems. We need to interact with each other. We can't enjoy life without the laughter of a good friend, without the smile of a dear one, without the helpful advises of a loving parent. It isn't any wonder that when we quarrel we begin to feel guilty, unsafe, abandoned.


Without sincerity there can't be any connection between two people. Honesty is the ground of a true and profound relationship.
People tend to believe that if they hide an unpleasant thing about them or about what they did; things are going to be fine. The truth is that we can't hide forever, and when the lie is discovered, for good reason, we lose all our credibility. Being honest with the other will lead to a strong and long term relationship.


Mostly, trust it is gained in time, when we have concluded that the other person is sincere, honest. When people are trusted for what they are, they become more comfortable, more natural in the way they interact.
Being trusted increases our capabilities. A good and representative example is the example of a child who is encouraged by the teacher. Expressions like "I know you can do it"are very powerful in difficult situations and would be welcomed if they are said at the time needed.
A common mistake in relationships is doubt. An efficient solution for doubt would be renouncing at the assumptions we make about the respective person and ask.

No Prejudices

From the first second we meet someone new we form a set of prejudices. It is natural to do so, but very often our judgments can be wrong because we don't have enough information about that person. The first step to verify our judgment is to be aware that we make judgments. The second is simply putting questions, being the easier way to find out the truth.


People manage better difficulties when they know they are not alone. Feeling with the other will make the relation more profound.


People get to know each other better by doing interesting things together. Making a trip, playing a new game, learning a new language together or playing an instrument, are effective ways to have fun together.


Humor always enlightens a relationship. Making fun of embarrassing situations helps us overcome them more easily.


Most quarrels start due to a lack of respect between people. But the key to be respected is to respect. We should offer respect to everyone, even if we consider that a specific person doesn't deserve our respect. The main reason for why we should respect each other is that we are all humans, with feelings, superior intellect and superior needs.

Managing Anger

From time to time we all feel angry, and anger makes us speak hurtful words that can cause deep wounds.
There are some things that could help us manage our anger: being aware of our friend's problem makes us feel sorry for him, putting ourselves in his/her shoes, making our best to understand why the person acted that way. This may take time, so, the most suitable solution is to keep our mouths shut for at least 10 seconds, maybe then the anger will disappear.


Without patience with each other there is no such thing as good understanding, and the people feel stressed. Patience is a great way to manage anger.


Love is the essential key in a relationship. Without love we cannot truly reach the other helpful keys (sincerity, respect, patience, compassion, trust and so on).