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Ice Breaker Questions for Adults

A Motley Collection of Ice Breaker Questions for Adults

Want some ice breaker questions for adults? Here are 30 interesting ice breakers, which will help you start conversing immediately. In first-time meetings, on your first date, and in group meetings even. Read on to know more..
Neha Joshi
Last Updated: Apr 23, 2018
"Each person's life is lived as a series of conversations."
―Deborah Tannen

There always comes a time in our lives, or let's say many times, when we are faced by an irritating and awkward silence. On a first date, when you are meeting a business associate for the first time, or in a crowded bus even. Being articulate is one thing, being confident another. Then again, being confident is one thing, and being smart another. We may be very good at conversing, but it takes quite a lot to start a conversation, doesn't it? Breaking the ice isn't as easy as it sounds, but it isn't impossible either. Ice breakers for adults can do this job for you.
If you are finding it difficult to start talking smoothly, here are some ice breakers which will make it easy and simple for you. At times, these 'get to know you' questions for adults can surprisingly come across as simple, common questions. These questions indeed help you break the ice in no time. Don't believe it? Have a look!
Funny Ice Breakers
These fun questions can usually help when there are group meetings or seminars and you have to break the ice and start talking to everyone around you. These questions are usually funny in nature as the 'getting-to-know-each-other' process is not the usual formal or romantic type. Ice breaker activities not only help in breaking the ice but also help in making the people involved feel more comfortable. One thing you must remember is that fun is good only till a particular level, and should not progress to ridiculing. So, be careful with these fun questions for adults.
  • You aren't always this quiet, are you?
  • You don't seem to like talking to strangers, do you?
  • Not a very pleasant thing, this silence, is it?
  • You don't mind talking to me, do you?
  • Are we going to have to introduce ourselves on our own?
  • I think it's time we start asking each other something about each other. What do you think?
  • Okay! It's really weird sitting together and not talking. Time to introduce ourselves!
  • Is there a 'maintain silence' sign somewhere here because everyone is maintaining it really well.
Romantic Ice Breakers
It's your first date and you're at an absolute loss of words. Wondering what to do? Well, here are some romantic questions which will help you kill that silence. When you have nothing to say, you can start with these. These are usually personal questions for adults, but not really intimate ones. We usually think about a lot of things we would want to say at a particular moment, and spend hours preparing for it. But more than often, the time or the moment fails us. These romantic questions will help you fill those empty, awkward spaces. Have a look!
  • If there is one thing missing right now, what do you think it is?
  • Tell me one thing you like about me. Why?
  • What was your dream job as a kid? What is it now?
  • What type of wine do you like? Have you tried ______ ? (Name of another wine)
  • What do you do usually, apart from work?
  • What kind of music do you listen to?
  • What is your favorite genre in movies? Do you see a lot of them?
Formal Ice Breakers
These questions are usually required in two situations: when you want to break the ice with a particular business associate, or when you're formally introduced to somebody over a cup of coffee (or a drink), and need to now start talking. These questions are required when the meeting commonly has a formal, business nature. Here are some formal ice breaker questions for meetings, that will help you start that conversation effortlessly.
  • Who has been your most favorite boss so far? Why?
  • Have you always wanted to be a ______? (That person's designation)
  • Who do you idolize? Who is your inspiration? Why?
  • Are you a Republican, or a Democrat?
  • What are your views on _______ ? (A certain recent event)
  • How do you plan to retire?
  • How is the work atmosphere at your workplace?
  • How long have you been working with _____? How has the journey been so far?
General Ice Breakers
Sometimes, you happen to bump into someone everyday, at a particular place. Gradually, you start thinking of ways to start a conversation. At such times, you don't really need anything specific to talk about, but just a few general questions to break the ice. This can also happen if you have a new colleague in office. You don't really have a romantic interest as such, but just want to know the other person. These general questions will help you out here, and make your job easier.
  • Hey! I've seen you around a lot. Do you stay nearby?
  • What do you do? Are you studying or ______?
  • Do you know if there is a _____ nearby? (A library/good restaurant)
  • You want to meet up sometime?
  • Do you come here often? I've always seen you here.
  • Where are you from?
  • Can you tell me more places I can see in this locality?
I hope you like these ice breaker questions for adults, and will use them soon. Remember that these questions are not an exact substitute for normal conversations. You need to contribute a few dialogs of your own too. If you keep on asking one question after the other, the conversation will turn into a small interview. Hence, in certain situations like an informal workplace get-together, or a party, you can try some ice breaker games for adults too. These games or questions are just to give a head start to the real 'talking'. All the best!