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Humorous Speech Topics

Manali Oak Sep 29, 2018
Be it a school or college speech, be it at your workplace, here are some humorous speech topics, you can pick for any occasion of having fun! You cannot afford to pause, just read on...
Speeches prove being one of the most effective means to connect to the masses. As it is, it is not very easy to deliver a speech and it becomes even more difficult when it comes to delivering a humorous one.
Perhaps, one of the most difficult things is to make someone laugh! It is not easy to strike a balance between healthy humor and gross comedy. Here is a look at some humorous speech topics. Plan the speech well and the audiences are sure to have a hearty laugh!
Following are some really funny speech topics that involve light-hearted comedy.
  • The advantages of wearing braces
  • The silliest question ever asked
  • The biggest lie in school
  • The joke that fired back
  • Weird decorations for Thanksgiving
  • Cartoon characters
  • How to handle people you don't like?
  • Do people look like their pets?
  • Funny names and their meanings
  • 10 interesting ways to irritate a telemarketer
  • 10 ways to disturb your competitors in a drawing competition
  • 5 worst business slogans
  • Describing yo-yo or Frisbee to an alien
  • Can you stop thinking?
  • Strange new year slogans
Here are some funny demonstration speech topics, which will prove more effective on the audiences if accompanied by action!
  • Demonstrating the gestures of a tensed interviewee
  • Demonstrating catwalks
  • How to interpret body language?
  • How to apply face paint?
  • How to wash clothes?
  • Various styles of laughter
  • How to train a cat?
  • Mimicking a comic personality
You can add the element of humor to apparently serious speech topics by looking at the funny side of them. While planning a humorous speech, be it on any topic, it is important to think differently.
It is important to grasp the fun element involved in the topic and present it cleverly before the audience. It is necessary to search for the fun side of the speech topic and bring it out to the audiences.
A serious topic like time management can be turned into a humorous speech topic by introducing to your audience, the drawback of punctuality. Here you can describe a situation wherein a lecture or program might face the prospect of having to perform without anyone to appreciate it, if you are too keen on punctuality!
You can begin a speech on technology by enacting to the audiences, how man has become a machine!
Exaggerating a fact can make it appear hilarious. Absurdity works well when it comes to creating humor. Funny demonstrative speeches can create humor. They involve exaggeration and at times, a bit of absurdity.
The most important part of any humorous speech is the timing. You need to place the jokes and the witty one-liners at the right points of time. To experience spurts of laughter in the audiences, you need to know when and where to add humor in the speech. Your deliberate additions should seem natural!
This was a list of some of the humorous speech topics. You can also devise funny speech topics of your own. It is important for you to apply creativity to come up with interestingly funny topics and the most important thing is to present the topic with clarity and cleverness. Remember, humor should reflect reality.