How to Test True Friendship

We meet many people in our life but how many of them can be considered as our true friends? Take the following quiz to test true friendship.
SocialMettle Staff
Last Updated: Apr 22, 2018
"True friendship isn't being inseparable; it's being separated and nothing changes."
― Anonymous
Friends are forever. Well, this is true only if you can rely on your friend in difficult times. True friendship survives hardships and stands the test of time. A true friend makes you feel good about yourself, and his/her company gives you positive energy. Real friendship is one of the best gifts to treasure for life, as it shines through the darkest of times.
There is absolutely no formality between true friends and the comfort level they share is great. Their relation does not fade with time. True friends are willing to sacrifice their joys for each other. They are always there for one another in times good and bad. They can be called for help at any time of the day (or night), and they are the first to celebrate each other's achievements. Real friendship can be felt in the smallest of things done together or for one another. If you have been together for long and share a special bond, you just know you are true friends. Or if you want to check for yourself, if someone you believe is a good friend of yours, really is, take the quiz given below. Answer these questions honestly and find out if he/she qualifies as a true friend.
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1. Do you trust your friend?
  • A. Yes, always
  • B. Sometimes
  • C. No, not really
2. Do you share your secrets with your friend?
  • A. Always
  • B. Once in a while
  • C. Never
3. Does your friend talk behind your back?
  • A. No, he is upfront about everything.
  • B. Maybe
  • C. Well, I think he does.
4. Does your friend respect your privacy?
  • A. He gives me space.
  • B. Sometimes
  • C. No, he often seems to be invading my personal space.
5. Does your friend encourage or compliment you?
  • A. His presence brings comfort and makes me feel strong.
  • B. Occasionally
  • C. He is not really supportive.
6. How does your friend react to your success?
  • A. He celebrates my success.
  • B. Maybe he gets envious.
  • C. At times, I smell jealousy.
7. Does he help you to get through tough times?
  • A. Yes, he is always there through thick and thin.
  • B. Occasionally
  • C. No, he cuts me out of his life abruptly.
8. Does your friend hold grudges against you?
  • A. No, he is always forgiving.
  • B. Sometimes
  • C. Yes, he is always hung on the past.
9. How often do you meet your friend?
  • A. Everyday
  • B. Few times a week
  • C. Once in a month
10. Are you comfortable in your friend's home?
  • A. It's like my second home
  • B. Can't say
  • C. No
11. By what name do you call your friend?
  • A. Nickname
  • B. First Name
  • C. Last name
12. Do you have disagreements with your friend?
  • A. Yes, but he welcomes my opinion.
  • B. Yes, but we cannot handle disagreements quite well.
  • C. Disagreements often turn violent.
13. Does your friend listen to you intently on what you have to say?
  • A. Yes, he is a good listener.
  • B. Occasionally
  • C. No, he often gets bored and tries to ignore me.
14. How does it feel hanging out with your friend?
  • A. It feels refreshing, as he is always caring.
  • B. Okay
  • C. Not comfortable

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Other Ways to Test True Friendship
  • If you lend him money and he returns it to you on time, without your reminder, you can consider him to be genuine. Someone who does not borrow money, and in case he has to, is very particular about repayment, can be considered genuine. It indicates that he does not want to bring money in between the relationship.
  • When times are difficult, or when you are going through a low phase, the one who stands by you, supports you, and shows the readiness to help you in all ways possible, can surely be considered as a true friend.
  • A true friend won't mind spending on you. He will be ready to give you anything you need, even if he has to sacrifice his happiness for you.
  • A true friend won't point out your mistakes every now and then. He will accept you as you are, with your faults. If asked, and when right to, he will definitely object your wrong. But it will only be for your good. And don't expect a true friend to always praise you. He will be an honest critic. He won't flatter you.
On a concluding note, true friendship is much more than just watching movies or shopping together. It is not superficial. It is a deeply rooted relation that grows with time. A true friend values you and does not take you for granted. He loves you for who you are.