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How to Start a Polite Conversation With a Stranger

Stephen Rampur Nov 22, 2018
In learning how to start a conversation with a stranger, listening is as important as speaking. Here we focuses on starting a conversation with a stranger whom you may come across...
There are many people who are too reserved in nature, which is why they cannot start a communication with a stranger. Such anxious people also do have a mindset about what would the other person think about them being friendly with him/ her for no reason at all.
There are some simple things to consider before you start a conversation with a stranger. Once you get a start to your conversation, you can then discuss more and become familiar with each other.

Tips on Starting a Conversation with a Stranger

Hi! a Smile, and your Name

A 'Hi' or 'Hello' always works when it comes to starting a conversation with a stranger. While greeting the other person, it is necessary that you give a smile. A 'Hi' with a smile, followed by your name is a good conversation starter.

Eye Contact

When starting the talk, you should maintain eye contact with the other person. Eye contact determines if the other person is interested in you. If s/he is not looking at you in the eyes, this means that the person is not interested in talking with you.

Common Aspects that Both Share

You can notice common aspects of the situation around you and ask a question regarding the same. If s/he is a new joinee in the office, you can ask about the induction sessions being boring or interesting.

Climate and Surrounding

This is one of the most appropriate topics that can be used to start a conversation. You can take the climate and surrounding as a topic and start the discussion with a stranger. There are many other similar topics which can be used as conversation starters.

Add Humor to the Situation

To add interest, you need to add a bit of humor. Humor can be related to anything, but just make sure that you do not joke on that which will offend the other person. You can simple share a joke or comment on an embarrassing situation that you went through lately.

Questions, but not too Personal

After the conversation has taken off, you can add to it as many questions you want. But do not make the talk too long, which will bore the person. Most importantly note that you should not ask direct questions or those of a very personal nature.

Ask for a Feedback or Opinion

People certainly like to give their opinion, which can effectively be used to talk. You can ask him/ her if your hairstyle is looking good or the clothes are matching. However, a feedback should only be asked after you both have spoken for a few minutes.

Offer Help

If you see the person whom you want to talk to in a problem, you can always offer help. Getting things done together will help you to talk better and freely. This is probably the best way to start a conversation and get familiar with a person you like.

Be Casual, not Overly Conscious

It is very important that you speak in a casual manner as you speak with everyone else. Do not become overly conscious that you are speaking to a stranger. Being confident, casual, and friendly is the key to take the conversation further.

Get Others Involved

To put more interest in the talk, involve others in the conversation. This will make the talk more open and you will also get more interesting topics of conversation. Share a situation in which your friend was involved, or call your friend if he is nearby.
These are some simple tips on how to start a conversation with a stranger. Make sure you do not ask too many questions or talk very much; this may make the other person avoid you.