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How to Start a Conversation When You Have Nothing to Talk About

Komal Bakhru Nov 23, 2018
There are moments when everyone is stuck with an uncomfortable silence because there is nothing to say, so here's how to start conversation when you have nothing in common.
For some people, starting a conversation without knowing each other's interests is one of the biggest tasks ever. Quite the contrary to that is the lot of people who have no problems at all in doing so.
Let's face it though, that isn't everybody's thing. The odd uncomfortable silence that can take over at times like this could sometimes feel like the worst situation that one could ever be stuck in.
It really does not have to be like that though. Most often the only thing it takes is the will to want to be the first to break the ice. Some of the best ways to do so is by going ahead with very simply discussing the same old, but there is another way to go about it too, and that is using unique conversation starters.
All one has to do is get their mind running, while making sure it doesn't run too far. As long as the questions you choose to ask or statements you choose to make in general are not offensive in any way, there is no reason to hesitate before saying anything.
That said, surely a few concrete ideas wouldn't hurt. Take a look at some ways of how to start conversation when you are clueless about what to talk.

Simple and Effective Conversation Starters

What follows is some of the best things that one could turn to and say when it's difficult to kickstart a conversation.

Basic Courtesy

The only time when this solution can be used is when you're meeting a person for the first time. When looking to talk about something with someone you do not know, the best way to break the ice is always by first getting to know the person a little.
Elementary pointers like introductions, asking where the person is from, what they do, etc., is the best way to get about it. Once you get the ball rolling, everything will become a lot easier and there will automatically be things that can be spoken about.

Talk About General Things

When in doubt, the best thing to do is not think too much or try too hard. Easy discussion is the best way to go. Movies, TV series, music, books, there's a lot to choose from when it comes to simple talks.
The advantage with turning to these topics is that there's no way you can offend anyone by talking about such things. Another advantage, if the person is someone you're meeting for just about the first or second time, this could help you to get to know the person better and you may just have a new friendship in the making.

Use Observation as a Means

Very often there may be absolutely nothing that you can think of to talk about. In cases like that, do not hesitate to use your observational skills as a source of coming up with things to talk about.
If you are at a restaurant / club etc., you could begin with some small talk regarding the place itself. Statements regarding how much you like the place, or anything on those lines is always a good solution to turn to. Make sure not to criticize things though, unless you want to be judged negatively.
When wondering how to start conversation, the given suggestions are some of the easiest that you can work with. You must remember though, that good conversation is a two way street, and that if not held well, it can come to an end very quickly and soon you will be left with nothing once again.
Also, when looking for conversation starters or the likes, make sure you stay away from talking about any sensitive issue that could create a problem in the least bit.
It is important to bear in mind that when looking to talk at times when you're surrounded by an odd silence, the last thing you would want to do is bring up topics that are likely to offend someone.
Conversation should be maintained at being as pleasant as possible, and no matter what it takes, the effort to keep it going like that should be kept up with at all costs.