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Let Bygones Be Bygones: How to Say Sorry Gracefully

How to Say Sorry
'Sorry' is one of the three golden words in the English language. You should never hesitate to say sorry if you realize your mistake. The sooner you apologize for your mistake, the better will be the chances of being forgiven.
Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future.
~ Paul Boese
Life is never a bed of roses and one has to face hard times in life. There are times when you argue with your partner and end up in a quarrel; or you disagree with a friend or have a dispute. In either cases, you end up feeling low and wish to make up as soon as possible. The only way is to say the golden word, Sorry! Owning up to your mistake is very important, and it takes real courage to admit your mistake and apologize for your behavior.
Tips to Say Sorry Gracefully
▣ The first thing you should remember is not to fake your feelings or apologize for the sake of it.

▣ You should apologize to the person only if you genuinely feel sorry. Secondly, you should not lie or give false excuses; keep your apology brief and direct.

▣ When saying sorry, just say it and end the topic, then and there. Do not start the blame game as to who was the cause of the fight as it will lead to further arguments.
▣ When expressing your apology to someone, always look at the person in the eyes, stay calm and say it. Even if the person takes a longer time to respond, do not let your temper rise as you cannot expect a person to accept your apology immediately. Same is to be followed if the person pretends to ignore you.
▣ Now, how will you say sorry to your boyfriend or girlfriend? Once you have accepted your fault, remember never say sorry to your guy / girl over the phone or by texting. It is better if you meet him her in person and express your apology.

▣ There are different ways to apologize. You can say sorry with flowers, or a card with suitable apology quotes. On the other hand giving a small gift is also a sweet gesture and will really be appreciated. You can even take your partner for a lunch or so.
▣ Another tip, if you wish to apologize after a fight, the first thing you need to do is to bury your pride. Once you realize your mistake, give some time to your partner to cool off a bit and then apologize (do not expect the person to accept it soon). However, remember that saying sorry melts the anger of the person and hence, it will be easier for you to mend things.

▣ It is famously said that couples should not go to bed sulking. It is always better to sort out things quickly and bury the issue. Remember, it does no good to answer back or argue when tempers are flying.

▣ Lastly, if the person is ignoring you, you should try to figure out the reason for the same and apologize for it. If the person continues to ignore you, then the reason may be something else which cannot be solved by your apology. So, in that case, it is wise to let go and move on.
Apology Phrases
Here are some common phrases that you can use when you want to say sorry to someone.
▣ I am Sorry
▣ I apologize for_______
▣ Please forgive me for______
▣ I owe you an apology
▣ Pardon me for_____
▣ Please excuse me for_______

Sometime in life you are also expected to express condolence and say sorry about someone's death. In that case, you can simply express it as, 'I am sorry for your loss' or 'I am sorry to hear that'.
How to Say Sorry in Different Languages
▣ Albanian - Më fal
▣ Bosnian - Oprostite
▣ Czech - Pardon
▣ Finnish - pahoillaan
▣ French - Désolé
▣ German - Es tut mir Leid
▣ Hindi - Maaf Kijiye
▣ Italian - Spiacente
▣ Polish - Przepraszam
▣ Portuguese - Desculpe
Saying sorry, although the hardest thing in life, is not at all impossible. If it is going to build relationships or make them stronger, why should you hesitate in saying that single word? Just say sorry, let bygones be bygones and have a happy life. Good luck!