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How to Politely Turn Down a Drink? Use These Believable Excuses

Bindu swetha Mar 20, 2019
Be it a social gathering or casual party with your friends, the insistence of having an extra drink will always be there. However, when we have set a limit for ourselves, it becomes necessary to turn down the offer politely. Here are some excuses.

That's Being Impolite!

Never pour your drink on a plant in order to avoid drinking it. It may kill the plants and also attract bugs!
The norm of having a drink with your friends or colleagues at a gathering can sometimes lead to dicey situations. You have already had your share of drinks and would not like to indulge in any further drinking session. But, can you refuse to have an extra drink even after insistence by your friends? Most of us will have a problem in such situations.
And when you have drinking partners who will not take "no" as an answer, the situation becomes all the more difficult. But, if you can come up with an amazing excuse, may be people might buy your answer, and you will be saved from having an extra drink. Here are a few excuses that you may want to try.

How to Turn Down a Drink

"No, Thank you."

Sometimes, a simple "no" can do the trick. If you come up with excuses that may not sound natural, you may not be excused from having an extra drink.
So, instead of racking your brain to find excuses, come up with a simple no. Also, if you are in a business dinner or something, you will surely have your way by politely saying no.

"My glass is full."

If you have an already full glass in your hand, no one will ask you for a second helping. Your hosts will wait until you gulp down the drink and only then will offer to refill it. So, if you are not ready for another drink, hold the completely filled glass in your hand throughout the party. You don't want to give a chance to your host, do you?

"Let me click your photo."

Who doesn't like getting their photos clicked? And if you have someone offering to click your photo, there are very few who will turn down the offer.
Indulge yourself in activities that will keep you busy for the entire party. This way, no one will be able to catch hold of you and offer you a drink.

"I am gonna hit the dance floor."

For all you dance lovers, the best excuse will be to hit the dance floors. No one will want an overly drunken person on the dance floor for sure.
Be the first one to get on the floor, and even invite your hosts to join you. This way, you will keep yourself and the hosts busy. So, there will be no one to offer you a drink, and thus, there is no need to turn it down either!

"I need to drop my friend home."

Becoming a designated driver is the safest bet. Everyone is sensible enough to understand that drinking and driving is not good combinations. You may volunteer to become a designated driver for your group of friends before the party begins. Thus, your friends will not force you to have an another drink nor will your host do the same. Your purpose is served.

"Get me a Virgin drink please."

Even after trying to politely turn down a drink a couple of times, if all your efforts go in vain, then you may have to succumb to their requests. You can do this intelligently. Order Virgin versions of drinks available in the bar. Virgin drinks do not have alcohol, so even though you are having an additional drink, you are not consuming any alcohol.

"Get my usual drink."

You will need to work around a bit for this excuse. If you know well in advance that in the party you are about to attend you will be forced to have an additional drink, then try talking to the bartending staff.
Ask them to serve you a breezer or regular juice, when you order your "usual" drink. Many drinks are combined with juices to enhance their taste. Thus, you can easily bluff your friends by having a drink when you are actually not having one!

"I want to take a look at the balcony."

Despite all your efforts, you have been served the extra drink. Now what? You can take a few sips of the drink in front of your hosts and then show an interest in exploring the venue. Slowly start walking around pretending that you are interested in knowing the place. Then, move towards the balcony and pour your drink in the dustbin present in the balcony.
If there is no dustbin, pour the drink down the balcony but make sure there is no one standing under the balcony! Wait for a while there, and then rejoin your hosts. You are saved of an extra drink.

"I am medically ill."

When you run out of excuses, the doctors can come to your aid. Tell your host that you were/are ill and that you are on heavy medication. The medication doesn't permit you to indulge in drinking. So, just to make your hosts feel happy, you decided to have one drink but cannot have any further drinks because of your medications.

"I have quit drinking."

You need to be pretty careful when giving this excuse. If you are about to use this excuse, then make sure you do not have a single drink in the party. Also, avoid sipping one from your friend's glass.
You can cite medical, personal, or religious reasons to support your statement. This way, no one will force you to have a drink in the future parties as well. But, make sure you stick to the excuse and don't give in to the temptation.

Few More Excuses

Here are a few more excuses just in case you have already used and mentioned earlier.
"I have had my share of drinks tonight."

"I would prefer having a cuppa coffee."

"My driver hasn't turned up today. So, I am driving back myself."

"Thank you for the offer, but I would not like to have any further drinks."

"I am on a strict diet."
"Drinks and me are an unpleasant combination."

"I am feeling nauseated. I would like to take your leave."

"I promised my girlfriend/boyfriend that I will not have more than one drink. I can't break the promise."

"The bar doesn't have my choice of brand."

"I just got a call, need to rush back home. It's urgent."
If you know well in advance that you will be attending a party where you are bound to be asked to have additional drinks, you may come up with an excuse not to attend that party in the first place. Also, while giving excuses to avoid drinking, make sure that your body language is such that the host will buy your excuse.
It is medically not advisable to indulge in excessive drinking. So, come with a convincing excuse to get away from not having an extra drink. All the best!