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How to Not be Awkward

Aastha Dogra Oct 6, 2018
Social awkwardness is something that many of us struggle with. Read on for some useful tips to make yourself comfortable in social situations and not feel awkward around people.
Not all of us are extroverts and ready to take the world by storm. Many amongst us are shy introverts and may even feel a bit isolated from others. This usually happens when a person is still in his or her teen years and going through the socialization process.

Stay in Shape and Dress up Well

Sometimes, awkwardness could be due to one's tendency to worry about their weight. When you are not in shape, you tend to get very self-conscious. In order to avoid this, inculcate the habit of exercising everyday.
Secondly, dress appropriately. If you dress up as if you have just stepped out of a 1980's film, there is no doubt that you are bound to feel awkward about yourself.

Smile and Stay Positive

Always keep a smile on your face.
If you look gloomy, cry or get angry quickly nobody will like being with you. A smiling, happy, and positive person is always appreciated by everybody. Smile when you meet acquaintances or even strangers, say a cheery 'hi' and automatically some of your awkwardness will vanish.

Increase your Awareness

Many a time, awkwardness around people could be because you do not have anything in common to talk about. Increase your knowledge and awareness of the world around you. Tune into local, national, and international news.
Even be updated on the latest college gossip! The more normal conversations you are able to have with people, the more your awkwardness will diminish. Find common grounds to talk with the people you are out with.

Participate in Team Activities

This one really helps. Awkwardness generally develops when a person remains aloof and isolated from others. In order to change this situation, participate in group activities.
If you are a reading aficionado, join a book club. Participating in book reading sessions as well as debates will help get rid of your awkwardness. Choose any activity,be it playing team sports or joining a dance class, and soon you will find your comfort level around people increasing day by day.

Develop your Personality

Being a book-worm or an Internet addict will not get you anywhere. To develop your personality, inculcate a hobby, a passion that adds meaning to your life. Learn singing or try adventure sports. Something as simple as listening to music will do wonders too.
When meeting a girl for the first time, simply say "hi, how are you?" with confidence. Learn to make small talk about the weather, her daily routine, hobbies, etc. Refrain from asking any personal questions. Keep the conversation light. Also, do not harbor a tendency to impress each and every girl that you meet.
Just act cool, without feeling the pressure to appear good and interesting all the time. The same rule applies for a party. Parties are all about having fun. Even if you do not know many people at a party, ask a friend or an acquaintance to introduce you to others and then take it from there.
Acting with confidence (it's all right if initially you fake it), displaying a positive attitude, and being friendly and open towards others will help you immensely in overcoming your awkwardness.