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How to Make Someone Happy

Rujuta Borkar Mar 12, 2019
To make someone happy can be both the toughest and the simplest thing to do! You could give someone their favorite things or just be with them through their rainy day. The key thing to remember is, one sees the world as one is, so be happy yourself to make others so!
Only when you know what you're dealing with will you be able to help them learn how to become happy, you know? The main factor - happiness is subjective and that something that makes me happy will make you happy. But this much is true - no one can be sad for long. Human nature is such. Adjusting, accommodating, happiness seeking.
The tears will dry some time and happiness will be sought. And at that point of time when they're ready to stop being miserable and you're around, you can help them be happy again. How to make someone happy? There are myriads of ways, scores of tricks and lots and lots of emotions to make that come through. You just need to know when to use what.

Ways to Make Someone Happy

Listen to them...

Talk...No. First, listen. Let them vent. Too many people go about holding way too much negativity in their hearts. They need to be freed of that. Let them talk, urge them to talk and you listen.
Get them to talk, inquire about them and ask questions. When they've been freed of all that they've been carrying in their hearts, they'll feel free and happy. Plus, who does not like being given attention? Everyone does. This is one great way to make people happy.

Appreciate them...

Appreciate them. Simple and straightforward way of getting them happy. We never really stop to appreciate what we like about others, when it is one of the most simple ways of making someone happy.
You appreciate someone for what they've done, and you see the smile beaming across their face. Don't flatter, but do notice things about people and appreciate them either. A little appreciation goes a long way in bringing happiness.

Make them smile...

Well, make them laugh! What will it take to make them smile? A funny video on YouTube?
A re-run of their favorite comedy show act? A home cooked meal? Whatever it takes. A smile or a simple chuckle sends signals to the brain to stop being miserable, did you know?

Distract Them...

If someone is feeling miserable after a break up, distract them. Don't let them sit and ponder over the 'how, what and what if'. Distract them with shopping, movies, spa treatments, best seats at the next game or whisking them away for a trip.
Urge them to join hobby classes and exercise sessions or anything that will get their confidence soaring high. Once that is done and they start feeling better about themselves, you'll see the transformation in them.

Random Acts of 'Nice'...

Small, unexpected things are the best ways of making someone happy. One can call them random acts of nice. A small card kept in your mum's purse telling her how much you love her, a piece of candy in your son's lunch box, a pink bow for your daughter's hair.
A ride in the rains with that special someone, a surprise swim in the sea, an unexpected gift left on the doorstep, receiving flowers at work, a puppy in a basket can bring delight to your loved ones!
Making someone happy is not as simple as ABC. But we can try. And we will. Why? For them, for us and because everyone deserves to be happy in this world. That's why. So simple, so true.