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7 Cool Ideas on How to Keep a Long-distance Friendship Going

Jhulin Bihari Apr 29, 2019
Sometimes the people who are far away from you can make you feel better than people right beside you. Unlike the old times when one's best buddy moved away, the friendship no longer remained the same, today, with technology, best pals can rock their friendship again.
When your friend is away, there are like million things you guys want to do together, and the bond between the two of you does not seem the same way as it was before. But getting disheartened about this will only make things worse.
So, you need to find ways and ideas on how to maintain a long-distance friendship. It is you guys only who can devise plans to keep the spark alive in your friendship. "Whoopee, buddy time!"

Be updated with all tidbit details

As both of you now live at different locations, make it a point that you stay updated with every new development of your friend's life - new assignments, projects, crushes, new hobbies, and new obsessions.
Discussing all the happenings and events will give you a glimpse about each other's life and sharing stories of daily updates will keep you connected and draw you closer.

Share and Share

The more you share the more your bond grows stronger. You don't require special timings or special dates to contact your best buddy. Take random clicks with neutral tones and send them to your friend.
You can forward funny messages and images and share gaming links. These small acts will help maintain your friendship. Your friend may not be able to check her messages or accounts every time you send, but at the end of the day, it will surely cheer him/her up.
Communication will keep your friendship alive. With advent of technology, you can feel you are with your buddy in real, even if you lives miles apart.
Skype, Face-time, Google-Hangout makes all your gossips live, sometimes there is loads to share, while sometimes funny stares, faces, and winks will weave the magic of adding charm to your friendship. A video chat may not be possible all the time, so calls and text will do through WhatsApp, Viber, Nimbuzz, Wechat.

Go Virtual Shopping

Even if you and your BFF are living in different time zones, but still your "awesome twosome" shopping can be done.
If the question is 'how?' Then answer is 'online'. If you like to visit stores together then that too is possible with you trying your dress and sending selfies to your friend.

Take the Help of Social Media

Social media be as a strong adhesive to make your long-distance friendship haul longer. Even if busy routines take up all your time and you can't talk or chat everyday, social media can ensure you don't feel missed out.
Share statuses on Facebook, tweet your thoughts and events on Twitter, WhatsApp special images, and Instagram your adventure and tour album. You can also create accounts in Pinterest and then share DIYs and recipes.

Long-distance Clubs

You and your friend can start your own club where long-distance sleepovers can be carried out. You can start your own book club, movie club, or series club.
When you start a new book, series, or movie, keep your Skype or Hangout on; you can discuss as you read the same book, or you can gasp and giggle as your favorite actor makes an entry. You can even sing together the title track of the series. At first it may seem weird, but with time you will definitely enjoy it.

Plan a Trip Together

Either you and your friend can meet halfway, or meet at the decided destination. You can plan for a long drive or try visiting an entirely new destination. The trip is sure to lift up your spirits and make your friendship evergreen.

Surprise Your Friend

When you live apart, surprising your friend always crosses your mind, but not possible to pop up at your friend's place on every big occasion. Without fail send gifts, cards, and flowers on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, and birthdays.
Along with online wishes, send your warm wishes and love through gifts. Make a little extra effort to prepare handmade cards and gifts. You can also send handwritten letters, this is sure to make your friend feel special.

Be the relationship expert

Whether it's a breakup or a bad fight, always be there to console and comfort your friend. Help your friend to do the right thing. You may miss some hours of sleep, but it is worth it, after all you are the precious friend.

Be the Secret Keeper

You may be separated from your friend in terms of distance, but your hearts beat as one. To keep this charm alive, trust is very important; so keep your secrets safe in each other's heart.
Make promises to carry those secrets to your grave. It may sound a little dramatic, yet keep your promise and seriously mean it.
Let not the miles ever affect your friendship, always keep in mind your friend is one in a billion, and you can go to any extent to keep your friendship going.