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How to Join a Conversation Without Being Awkward

Amita Ray Jan 10, 2019
Eloquence is not everyone's cup of tea, but if you're gifted with it, you will definitely go places. For those who don't seem to be gifted, this is a concise guide to help you learn how to join and hold a conversation the right way.

Feel Good About Yourself

The only person we get to be in our lives is us. If we can't like ourselves for who we are, how can we expect anyone else to?
Accepting who we are, loving ourselves, and embracing our quirks literally liberates us of our inhibitions, and helps us become a more confident individual.

Right Body Language

Your smile is the best ice breaker; flash that gorgeous smile of yours accompanied by a nod to the people present in a group. Look receptive and genuinely interested.

Right Approach

While striking up a conversation, the right approach is the key. Perhaps, the most important factor in approaching a group is about how receptive it is. Certain body languages, in such cases, are the cues you need to look out for.
If the members of a group stand in such a way that their toes point towards each other, and their backs are towards you, only approach if you know someone in the group.
In a group that doesn't seem very receptive, you could strike up a conversation with one person who doesn't seem very interested in the ongoing topic, and slowly make your way into the group.
Another way is to strike up a conversation with a member of the group while he/she is away from the group. A handy tip would be not to do that when the person is scrambling his way to the johns.
In a group open to other people, the members seem more spaced out, usually looking into the crowd occasionally during such conversations. You could casually introduce yourself or join in on something by saying, "I couldn't help but notice that you were talking about..." .


Listen attentively and give your inputs about the topic, if any. If you aren't a very good conversationalist, ask many open-ended questions, and listen to what people have to say.
Keep the conversation light, don't go too deep too soon, and avoid bringing up controversial topics.
Make sure you don't do all the talking, and try not to cut in when someone else is saying something.
Don't limit yourself to only one person in the group. Also, make frequent eye contact with members of the group while talking.
If there happens to be an awkward silence, defuse the situation with a little humor, or by addressing the awkwardness of the situation and laughing it off.
Be who you are, and don't try too hard to impress others.
We totally understanding how intimidating it can get when you have to take the initiative to join a conversation. These pointers will definitely be of help; all you need to do is to be confident and practice.