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How to End a Friendship

Kundan Pandey Mar 2, 2019
Are you facing hesitation in deciding how to end your friendship with an old friend? Well, there can be numerous reasons for ending a friendship but it's never an easy decision. Here are some handy tips to end a toxic friendship, if it's not worthy of respect and gratitude.
Often in life, friendships come to an end. May be your friend is behaving in a worst possible manner or you've grown quite apart to stay in touch. Some strong differences of opinions and thoughts, ideas and beliefs, and inapt behavior―all can lead to an end of a friendship.

Ending a Friendship on Good Terms

Ending a friendship is one of the most difficult decisions one has to ever take. But compromising your self respect and being friends with someone is demeaning the value of friendship.
Ending your friendship on good terms is a sign of maturity and reflects your gratitude for the times you were together with your friend. Remember, just because you'll end your friendship, doesn't mean you'll be enemies. It just means you both will respect the boundaries drawn for each other.

Be Firm

You have to be sure of your decision as to why you want to end the friendship. You simply can't avoid the situation just because you feel that you both may be hurt. More so, if you've been friends for long time, you've got to talk and discuss the issue with your friend.

Appropriate Location and Timing

Don't underestimate the value of your friendship. Hence, don't pop up this question in public or where you both are uncomfortable. Set aside some specific time and place to discuss this issue.
You should have enough time to discuss the issue properly. You can voice over your concern to your friend and tell what all has been going wrong. Don't play blame game. Convey the flaws in his/her action and behavior that hurt you.

Honesty Pays

Loyalty, honesty, and care makes a good friend. Hence, no matter what you're feeling, neglected or abused, convey it to your friend honestly. The premise of a friendship is honesty. Don't compromise on that.

Be Concise

Don't beat about the bush and tell a simple thing in flowery words. Neither imply the possibility of renewing your bond nor end it like you're allies in world war. End it with full respect.

Humility Works

Humility is the hallmark of a matured person. Don't exaggerate the faults of your friend. Be humble and make him/her understand that his/her mistakes are genuine and you really have been hurt.

Get Over it, Move on

Once it ends, it's never the same. Don't start to appear weak and just to know whereabouts of your friend, keep texting or calling him/her. After everything is over, you gotta give space to each other. Don't expect anything from your friend or call or email him/her.

Talk About Your Thoughts

Some pain is always there, no matter what. Your friend was a part of your life. However, you had to say him/her goodbye because there was no option other than this.
It happens that you may feel the urge to talk to someone and share how you're feeling. Sharing our thoughts takes off the burden from mind and heart and makes us feel better.
These were some tips on how to end a friendship. Remember, friendship is a beautiful relationship and is valuable in our lives. The importance of friends and meaning of friendship goes beyond any explanations.
But the issue is, you can't compromise your individual respect just for a friendship which is hurting you at every step. In such cases, ending the friendship seems to be the only solution.