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How to Differentiate Between Good Friends and Best Friends

Tanaya Navalkar Mar 17, 2019
We all have different kinds of friends, with whom we share a different level of friendship. There are acquaintances, good friends, and then best friends. But how do you know if a person is your good friend or best friend? Let's see who wins in the battle of good friend vs. best friend, and how.
"Things are never quite as scary when you've got a best friend."
― Bill Waterson
It is hard to get to the end of the roller coaster ride called 'Life' without your friends. And like everything else, friends too come in different shapes, sizes, and friendship levels. You have your acquaintances whom you meet once in a blue moon, or simply greet each other with just a 'hi' and 'bye'.
Then you have your good friends who are a little closer than the former. You share quite a good level of closeness with them. And then, there are bigger ones whom you simply can't live without. They are your best friends! They are those in front of whom you can be 100% yourself.
There are some things that you'd think of doing only with your best friends. They may annoy you at times, and even fight with you, but in the end, you know that they've got your back, and they are the ones you'll run to first when you land in trouble.
You must be wondering how you would know if a person is your bestie for life, or someone who's just a passing cloud! To help you out, here are some major differences between good friends and best friends.

Good Friends Vs. Best Friends

Good friends ignore your annoying and irritating habits, but best friends make sure that you know about them, and also help you overcome them.
Good friends get bored of hearing your stories. Best friends can never get bored of hearing your stories over and over again.
Good friends often get jealous of you, but there's no room for jealousy between best friends.
Good friends help you up if you fall down, but best friends will stand next to you laughing uncontrollably.
Good friends tend to end the friendship over petty issues and arguments, but best friends call you back and resolve fights right after they get back home.
A good friend will bail you out of jail, but a best friend would be sitting next to you saying, "Isn't this fun? Let's do it again!"
Good friends don't bring up embarrassing topics, but your besties will not only bring these up, but also tease you over them for the rest of your life.
While giving an opinion, a good friend will lie to you so that you won't feel bad, but a best friend will give opinions that are brutally honest.
Good friends will judge or ditch you when you make some crazy plan, but best friends will always be your partners in crime.
A good friend will save the last slice of pizza, but a best friend will eat the last slice and laugh in your face.
Friends will give up on you easily if you're being hopeless. Best friends know how to get you out of the big mess.
A friend has never seen you cry, but your bestie has seen how much of a baby you can be while crying.
A good friend only knows a few things about you, whereas a best friend can write a book on you, mostly containing all the embarrassing stuff.
A good friend will ask for food politely if he's hungry, but a best friend will raid your refrigerator and blame you if he doesn't find anything good to eat.
Good friends borrow things and give it back, but best friends borrow things and forget about it or often lose them.
Good friends are always available for a chat, but may get annoyed if you disturb them at odd hours. However, you can only call up your best friend at 4 a.m. and talk about anything and everything in this world.
Good friends put up with your girlfriend/boyfriend even if they don't like them, but best friends will tell to your face if they're not good for you.
You hardly fight with your good friends, but you've had the worst of fights with your best friends, and patched up as if nothing had happened.
Good friends can't be trusted with your secrets all the time, but you can never hide anything from your BFF.
Good friends ask why you're upset, but best friends will have already sorted out the person behind your problems.
Good friends will ring the bell or knock before entering your home. Best friends will simply barge in and make themselves feel at home.
A good friend will get a bottle of wine to your party, but your bestie will show up early to help you with the preparations, and also stay back to help you clean up everything.
Good friends may be knowing all your stories, but best friends have been a part of all your greatest stories.
You can be a fool in front of your good friends sometimes, but you can act crazy with your best friends at all times without being judged.
Good friends will try to change you, but best friends accept you for who you are.
Now that you know the difference between a good friend and a best friend, go look for your BFF among your group if you don't have one yet. Though, surely most of you must be having a bestie who you just can't do without.