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How to Deal with People Trying to Pull You Down?

Rahul Pandita Mar 12, 2019
Today, individuals compete fiercely with each other to advance in education, career etc., and this sometimes leads to feeling of animosity and envy. It is important that we deal with the situation smartly to avoid any unnecessary obstacles in our daily lives.
We often face challenges in our daily lives when no one values our dedication and commitment and pass on negative criticism to belittle our efforts. Humans crave for respect and recognition, and if there are people around you who try to pull you down by subjecting you to ridicule, harassment and negative comments, it is bound to affect your self-morale.
It is important that we do not lose sight of our goals and strive towards achieving the best results. It will take some effort from your side to counter the negativity that people spread around you, so it is important to know how to deal with difficult people.

Dealing with Negative People

✦ The first thing that you need to do is to consider the motives of people who are trying to pull you down. You have to ask yourself, "What will they gain out of it ?" You need to understand that people who try to pull you down cannot stand your success and they have an insecurity that you will steer ahead of them in life.
People may either pass negative comments to you because they envy you or they want to comfort themselves. When people engage in negative criticism, they always talk about your weaknesses which causes them to believe that they are better than you.
It is difficult to control your emotions when hurt by someone, but you should understand that their intentions are to make you lose focus from your target, and if you react to their comments, you are helping them in achieving this.
✦ When faced with difficult situations, humans have a tendency to act under the effect of emotions, and this can lead to potential issues. When you are emotionally charged, you fail to make the right decisions and end up having serious implications on your career. It is important to wait and act pragmatically, rather than reacting the situation impulsively.
✦ One of the most effective way of dealing with people who try to pull you down is to avoid responding to their comments. Although it is somewhat difficult, but over a course of time, you can train yourself in doing this so that you are not impacted.
It is very likely that when you stop paying attention to them, they will feel that you have become invulnerable, and their attempts may not bear any results. This can compel them to withdraw their efforts aimed at hurting you.
✦ It is important to understand that the negative comments are aimed at hurting, so you should try to neglect their importance; however, if you feel that it is really affecting your work, you should immediately take necessary measures against it.
If you face constant negative criticism at your school or college, you should have a word with the authorities. If you have to deal with difficult people at your workplace, do not take it lying down, and report it to the Human Resource (HR) manager.
Most companies today have strict policies against harassment, but most people avoid reporting the incidents because of certain perceptions and prejudices.
These were some tips which can be helpful in dealing with difficult people. This can be useful to you only when you prepare yourself mentally to face challenging situations. Here we can just give you some suggestions to deal with people trying to pull you down, but it lies on you to take right actions to help you in getting out of such situation.