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How To Deal With Highly Judgmental People

Rujuta Patil Apr 19, 2019
Each one of us has that one friend or colleague who is simply judgmental. They can darken even the brightest of conversations, or puncture your self-esteem with a quick comment about your job, your personality, or your life. So, we just have to arm ourselves every time such a fault-finder approaches.

Who's Judgmental?

Dealing With Highly Judgmental People

The critical minds around you will continue to depress you with their negative comments on almost anything you say.
So, don't take it personally at all, because they do that to everyone. Stop assuming that you are being targeted. Because mostly, this assumption itself is the root of our problem.

What Makes Him/Her So Judgmental?

Empathize with those who are highly judgmental.
Try to look beyond his/her harsh words, body language, attitude, position, or status. See where all the wrath you have to tolerate comes from. Kindness and compassion are more than just words you can put to use here.

A Judgmental Boss: A Learning Opportunity

A negative vibe for a negative? The rule of 'tit for tat' is out of fashion these days. Be good instead; howsoever worse others behave with you. Why? Because, more than anything else, it's good for your health.
Own your fears and that unhappy corner in your mind which is triggered by a few unpleasant words. Treat it. Treat the discontentment within. And, you will discover a more beautiful you!

Your Response Is Your Responsibility

See how you react to situations when you are being criticized or judged by anyone.
Observe yourself, acknowledge the fact that you feel hurt. More often, it is because we tend to reject the fact that we are hurt, which is why we cannot handle criticism in a mature way. Once this is known, you begin to respond peacefully.

Be The Mature One

If you have a colleague or a close relative, who is highly judgmental, and you cannot avoid him/her.
Try to imagine this person to be a kid. And do what you would have done to deal with your kid's tantrums. As soon as they begin to shower you with their gloomy thoughts, start counting backwards. 100, 99, 98, ... and so on. Sounds stupid? Then, you must give it a try.

Ignore The Fault-finders

Just take a minute and introspect a little. See what is it that you are focusing on.
Is that person and his pessimism eating away all your precious time and joy in life? Then, change the focus of your life. There are so many other good people and good stuff to pay attention to.

Awaken The Optimist In You

If that highly judgmental person happens to be your close friend, you would, of course, want your friendship to be the priority, as you don't want to reciprocate any negative emotions.
So, find out the good in that person, look at the larger picture, or take it as a chance to find your discomforts and improve your own self.