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How to Deal with Annoying People

Ujwal Deshmukh Feb 15, 2019
Is a pestering person annoying you at your workplace? If yes, then here is what you can do.
You will meet annoying people wherever you go. You will find them at your workplace as well as in your personal life. You will also see that there are some people who annoy others purposely, even after they have been frankly told about their annoying nature by many. It is like their second nature, and a habit for them.
There are some who annoy others unknowingly. It is possible that these people are trying to overcome their poor communication skills and improve their workplace communication as well as enhance their communication skills. However, talking meaninglessly and talking too much annoys the rest!
Whatever may be the reason, you have to face them and you really cannot avoid them. You can avoid them once, twice, thrice, but you definitely cannot do it everyday, and let me tell you a funny thing, the more you avoid or run away from such people, the more you will have to work with them or have to talk to them. What do you do in such a case?

Silence is Golden!

Some people have the habit of arguing on anything they talk about. Many a time, they know that they are wrong, but still they will continue arguing for the sake of it. Fools join this party and waste their time! You should not be one of them. If such a situation occurs, leave the place or else just stay silent and stick to the point.
Remember, do not argue with such people, you will gain nothing, instead you will lose your precious time.

Keep Safe Distance!

One of the best ways for dealing with difficult people is to avoid them. You should not run away the moment you see them! Just try to distance yourself from that person.
Do not indulge in debates or arguments, but try to maintain communication through e-mails. Whenever you meet such a person, have a short and sweet formal conversation and just leave the place.

Remain Cool!

It is quite possible, that such people get on your nerves and as a result you might just lose your temper. This can invite problems and unnecessary conflicts between you two and you will be held responsible for this, as you were the one who got angry and became abusive!
So, try to remain as cool and calm as possible. The annoying person himself will relieve you if he finds you are not responding to anything.

Be Frank

Sometimes, this technique works! Often it may so happen that, you are stuck in a situation and really cannot pay attention to anything else. You might have to face annoying people at such instances.
At such instances, speak frankly to that person and tell him not to disturb you and let you work. But remember to be assertive. However, busy you are, see that you do not hurt anyone's feelings.

Do Not Lose Focus

On some occasions, you have to talk to these people, and you just cannot avoid it. If you are going to speak something related to work or if it is an official meeting, see that you do not lose your focus and just let this person drag the discussion somewhere else.
If ever he tries to do such a thing, be sure that you bring him back on track.
Just as a matter of fact, there is an annoying person hidden in every one of us. The only thing that makes them different is their nature, way of communication, or attitude. Often you feel that it is always you who is targeted all the time by such people, however, it can just be a coincidence.
These people behave in the same manner with everyone, it is only that you were present over there at that time. So, do not feel frustrated or give up in front of such people. Just deal with them.