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How to Comfort a Friend after a Break Up

Hemangi Harankhedkar Mar 12, 2019
You have a big role to play in comforting your friend after that disastrous break up he/she had. Learn to comfort your friend with the tips given here.
Owe it to declining sincerity and commitment among people or just the desire to try new avenues; relationship break ups have become so common! Break up, for majority in the current generation, is like a custom that has no effect on life.
But after a very serious and long relationship can have tremendous effect on the mentality of the person who has got dumped in the breakup. Comforting such a person can turn out to be a difficult job for the near and dear ones of that person.
In the severest of cases, the person is prone to fall victim to depression and suicidal thoughts. Overcoming a relationship is difficult for anyone, and it holds true for both boys and girls.
Friends make life beautiful and enjoyable, and thus play a vital role in consoling the depressed friend who has broken up. You can share your joys and worries with your friends, they are like guiding lighthouses, who demand nothing.
But comforting a friend after a relationship ends is indeed very difficult, because you too are bound to experience the pain and agony of your friend. Still, you need to comfort your friend to bring him or her back to reality, and make life wonderful again.

Comforting a Friend After a Break Up

Your main aim to comfort your friend is throwing 'that' person out of your friend's mind, and make life wonderful for him/her. What to say to comfort a friend after a break up? You need not say anything.
Just give your friend a hug and then go to the place where you love to hang out. Talk about your childhood and dreams, but don't bring up the breakup issue. The following ways will prove helpful in comforting your friend.

Plan Something

A person who has just broken up generally restricts himself from social life and spends time alone. Your friend must also be behaving like this. So make sure your friend is having a busy life and a good social life.
Take your friend out for movies and picnics. Don't let the topic of the 'ex' come around. If you are not able to meet your friend, at least call him. Crack jokes to make him laugh, and involve him in the communication.

Instill Positive Spirit

A person going through a break up is bound to experience hatred towards life, and in fact loses hope in life, especially if it was not a mutual break up.
But this is just a temporary phase, and with proper counseling, your friend will get over the thoughts. Tell your friend, this is not the end of the world, and there is something good awaiting in the near future.

Make Sure You are Always There

Make sure you are always there when your friend needs you. Let them know that there are still good people in this world. Don't let them lose trust in life. Not all of a sudden, but make your friend meet new people.

Enlist the Negative Points of 'that' Person

You need to do this. Ideally, talking about that person is not recommended, but, after spending some time, convince your friend that the person was not right, is simply talking about his negative points. Your friend will be relieved and happy.
These were some techniques to comfort a friend. No matter how much you try, the person will take his time to recover from the situation, so let time be the healer. But do take all the efforts from your side to make life beautiful for your friend.