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How to Cheer Someone Up

Rahul Thadani Nov 1, 2018
Everyone needs an agony aunt at some point of time. Here are some simple ways to cheer someone up, when they need it the most.
Human nature has always found a way for us to look for the worst in almost every situation. As a result of this, everyone knows what it feels like to be low on confidence and down in dumps. Being depressed once in a while is not uncommon, and there are many reasons that bring this on.
It is friends and family members that take up the task of cheering up someone with positive thinking. No one knows how they can make someone happy, and many people actually have a tendency to make things worse with mindless remark. But every person has a streak in them that enables them to listen to another's complaints, and attempt to lighten their spirits.

Ways to Cheer Someone Up


If you're attempting to cheer up someone who is feeling low, you need to place your troubles aside for a while and concentrate on simply listening to what he or she has to say. Everyone loves an outlet for their problems and having someone to talk to is the first step in cheering up somebody.
It is best not to be judgmental and opinionated sometimes. Think of the times when you've had a bad day and had nobody to talk to, and how different things may have been if you had. Effective listening skills can help you make someone feel better. After all, cheering people and being there for them is what friendship is all about.


The next thing to keep in mind when you're cheering up someone is to understand how they're feeling. Do not make them feel that you're feeling sorry for them, as this may worsen matters. You need to show them that you truly understand what emotions they are experiencing at the moment, and make it clear to them that things could be worse, but they're not.
Make them see the things that they need to be thankful for, instead, and pretty soon you'll see a noticeable improvement in their demeanor. Managing relationships is something that only develops with time and through practice.

High Spirits

Here's another alternative for you, but one that must be handled with caution. Alcohol, despite its many harmful effects and long-term debilitating properties, has an excellent tendency to cheer up someone. Almost everyone can put their troubles on a back-burner after the consumption of this intoxicating substance, albeit just for a little while.
Be warned though, that sometimes alcohol may have the exact opposite effect as well. Cheering someone up with alcohol is a specialized science, that requires in-depth knowledge of the person involved, along with knowledge of what alcohol they prefer and when to stop. Not knowing when to stop can lead to a severe case of alcoholism though, so beware.

Get Away

This is a popular thing to do, especially if you're wondering how to cheer up someone after a breakup. Take them along with you and get away for a while. Go to a nice place to eat, or go to a place where there are lots of people, or go out of town for a while.
Getting a change of surrounding is a perfect way to raise someone's spirits, instead of sitting in a closed room and wallowing in self pity. If there is a particular place that the person is fond of, or if there is something specific that he/she likes to do, make it happen.

Online Help

If you happen to be chatting online with someone who is feeling low, things become a little tough as you cannot be close to that person physically. In times like this, you need to make full use of the power that the Internet has given you.
Send that person a barrage of cool emoticons, send them funny pictures, videos, links to various things, or simply write them an email or send them 'cheer up!' cards reminding them about how great you think they are. The success of this method may not be guaranteed, but in such a situation, it is probably the best that you can do.
Always remember that cheering someone up after a bad day is no easy task, but if done properly, it can work wonders. There are a number of small things that can be done now and then to make someone smile again and make them forget all their worries.
Knowing the right things to say at the right time is a gift that not everyone has, but once it has been developed, it is unlikely to ever be unsuccessful.