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How to Apologize to a Friend

Hemangi Harankhedkar Feb 6, 2019
How to apologize to a friend? If the friendship is rock solid, a genuinely said 'sorry' would make things rosy again. But, to make the moment special for your friend get to know some things!
You didn't want to hurt, you didn't want those words to come out. You didn't want to fight for that silly damn reason! But, sadly it happened, you lost your cool, your friend also lost cool, and you fought like cats! Fights, and cold wars happen, only when you are close to a person.
Because, you get angry or speak your mind out to the person you love and are close to. In a fight, thoughts go haywire, and you start blaming the other person for the resulting situation.
But, stop the blame game now! It's time to make peace and end the war. One should be generous enough to apologize, after all, good friends are hard to find (it rhymes!).
On a serious note - think of the good times you had spent together, the never ending gossips and serious discussions, think of the time your friend had come running to help you, the time he/she had stood by you and had motivated you to do the best.
Bring back those memories of the 'friendship days' you had celebrated in school, and, not to mention the exchange of countless gifts, friendship bands and greetings! Oh! You are now missing your friend, and want to get back to him/her. Don't think twice, you are on the right track... apologizing is sane!
And, whatever be the reason for the silence between you two, what you need to do is apologize and save yourself from losing a wonderful friend. To make the moment a cherished one, some extra element should be included in the apologizing process! What say?

Apologizing to a Friend

You need not be told how to apologize to a friend after a fight! If feelings are true they are reflected in the eyes and face, and your friend will understand the genuineness in your thought!
But, but, but... If there has been a grave mistake from your side and you have behaved really brash and rude to your friend; you need to take much effort to prove your genuineness! Be patient and give your friend some time. May be he/she would behave indifferently to you for sometime, would also ignore you, but eventually would forgive you!
Apologize to your friend personally if it was a serious fight. Say you didn't mean to hurt, and it was a mistake you couldn't prevent from happening.
Carry with you flowers or chocolates if your friend likes them, with a 'sorry written' over. You are the best person who knows what your friend likes or what makes him/her smile.
Say you feel sorry, and carry something with you that would melt your friend's heart and make him forget the fight or whatever the reason. To prove you genuinely mean the 'sorry', take efforts. Make a photo album of your memories, and quote it with some sorry messages. Might sound cheeky for a friend, but sometimes these things do the trick.
The best way to apologize to a friend is a handwritten letter! Yes, letters do have the charm to make someone melt. They work especially if you find it difficult to convey what you feel, verbally or personally to the person.
Pen down a letter for your friend and post it to his residential address. It will show your friend, you really took the effort! There are many other means to apologize. Drop a message in your friend's mobile inbox, call him/her, and let the words flow. If your friend genuinely likes you, he/she will forgive and accept you back.
Whatever be your way of apologizing, be true and genuine. You would surely be, because after all you made the first move.
Friendship is a relationship very different from all other relationships. In a true friendship it is so amazing to see two people bond and understand each other. You love your friend and do not want to lose him/her, so make the move. All the best :)