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Healthy Relationship Tips for Teenagers

Aastha Dogra Feb 15, 2019
The following post throws light on how to inculcate healthy relationships in life and stay away from abusive relationships. Read on for some useful tips on healthy relationships for teenagers...
Teenage is a very special age. A teen is not an adult yet, but is no longer a child either. Physically, mentally and emotionally, a teen experiences a number of changes. A teen is at a point where he is still trying to figure out the things that are important in life.
On one hand are his relationships with his family members, which have a huge bearing on the kind of person he has shaped out to be. On the other hand, a teen is experiencing attraction towards the opposite sex for the first time and is beginning to date.
Then there are his relationships with his friends, classmates, teachers and everyone else he comes across on a daily basis. It is during one's adolescent years, that a teen should be taught how to build healthy relationships.
A teen should also be aware of the difference between a healthy relationship and the one which is controlling, abusive or detrimental to him in some way. As teenage is impressionable, being in a bad relationship can otherwise scar him for life!

Teenagers and Healthy Relationships

When a child is growing up, his parents serve as a role model for all his future relationships. So, if there is trust, respect, understanding and love between them, a child learns to imbibe the same in his relationships. That's why, a loving, caring and supporting environment is a must during one's teen years.
However, these days, when there are so many single parent families, teens have to learn about relationships from other sources as well as through their own experiences.

Communication, Consideration...

When it comes to relationships, whether with one's family, friends, or the one you are dating, a very important advice is to always keep the channels of communication open. There is no issue in any relationship which cannot be resolved through talking and communicating.
Besides communication, caring for the one you are in a relationship with, supporting them, compromising once in a while to make them happy and being a positive person, is what all teens should aim for, to build healthy relationships.
This is especially true in case of relationships with one's family and friends. Cooperation, communication and understanding others viewpoint is what will make the bonds stronger.

Respect, Love...

No relationship can survive without respect for the other person, especially a romantic relationship. Often times, it is seen that teen girls lose their own identity and become the person they are dating. Remember that you and your partner are two different people, with two different personalities, likings, etc.
So, you should respect one another for who you are and not try to change yourself, just to please each other. Girls should also keep in mind that they should not feel pressurized or forced into having a physical relationship.
The one who loves them truly will wait for them to be ready for sex. Guys too should keep in mind not to force their girlfriends for a physical relationship. Teens should be aware that sex feels great only when it is accompanied by love and care for one another.
Teenagers should understand the importance of a healthy relationship as it will make sure that when they enter into serious relationships as an adult, such as in a marriage or when they become a parent, they are able to put their best foot forward.
Besides learning what all qualities to inculcate to make their relationships a success, teens should also know what all things to stay away from.
Jealousy, possessiveness and anger - they can be detrimental to any relationship. The teens should understand that just like them, everyone is an individual and thus, should be given full freedom to lead their life the way they want to!
In the end, one of the very useful tips is to understand that many of the relationships that teenagers form outside their family, may not last forever. So, teens should nurture these relationships with love, at the same time, see to it that they do not become emotionally dependent on them!