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What are Group Facilitation Skills

Shashank Nakate Nov 22, 2018
There is a list of different group facilitation skills which need to be possessed, in order to become a good facilitator. Read ahead to know more...
Any group which is formed with a certain purpose need to have meetings. Now, to conduct these meetings effectively, need of a facilitator arises. Facilitator is a person with neutral views on the topics of discussion. A fair and open way of seeing problems is helpful in fulfilling the purpose of the meeting.
The facilitator should first build a strong rapport with the leader of the group, and together set objectives with mutual agreement. This helps in moving towards the goal with ease. The support group facilitation skills are no different than those required by facilitators working in small businesses, corporate world, etc.
Let us have a look at facilitation skills that one should possess.
➜ At the start of a meeting, one should explain the purpose/objective clearly. A proper review of the agenda follows next; each of the member should then be allocated with responsibilities.
➜ The facilitator should communicate about his/her role to the group.
➜ Presentation is very important during the process of communication. Topic of discussion is understood quite easily, if the facilitator has good presentation skills.
➜ Keeping a clear record of the details of a meeting also is one of the responsibilities of facilitators.
➜ He should bring out the best in people. He/she must draw out the team members' opinions and thoughts pertaining to the objective.
➜ Reticent members need more space and time to express themselves. A facilitator needs to have the skill to communicate with them effectively, in order to make them open up.
➜ Making observations about individuals of a particular group, by taking into account the group dynamics is also one of the responsibilities/skills possessed by facilitators.
➜ He should be a good listener.
➜ There are chances that a group leader wants to disseminate a hidden agenda through the facilitator. Therefore, the job of the facilitator is to maintain transparency in the happenings of a meeting, and also to provide everyone with an equal opportunity to express his/her view.

Group Facilitation Skills Training

The objective of this training is to prepare an individual in a way that he/she is able to maximize the contributions made by members of a particular group. A self-assessment questionnaire is completed by participants of the facilitation skills training program.
Effective facilitation techniques are taught to the participants. Group discussion also is an important part of this training program, and the participants are allowed to handle various topics during these sessions.
The training includes preparing an individual to play a role as facilitator. The information presented brings us to a conclusion that a facilitator should not just be a good orator but also an excellent listener.