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What are Some Good Questions to Ask Your Friends?

Debopriya Bose Nov 1, 2018
Asking questions to friends gives you the opportunity to know more about yourself as well them. Here are some good questions to ask friends that would help you have a better understanding of each other.
The use of the adjective good  definitely means that these questions would not be those that you would just talk over. Use these to gain some insight into yourself and your friends. Years of friendship often makes us wonder if there is still anything to know about each other.
Though your friend might have corrected you a couple of times when you committed mistakes, there would still be so much that he/she held back so that you didn't get hurt.
More importantly, there might have been occasions that you might have unknowingly hurt your friend because you didn't understand what he/she wanted. It is for these reasons that we need to take some time off and think of some nice questions to get to know each other better.

Questions About Yourself

Maybe you haven't shared your deepest fears even with your friends. In that case, you know yourself the best. However, many times we err in self assessment and most often, it is our friends who are most aware of the mistakes we make. Generally our friends are better judges of our strengths and weaknesses.
Here are some sample questions to be asked about yourself:

» Am I a responsible person?

» Do I always have the courage to stand for what is right?

» Do I obey the rules myself that I want others to follow?

» Can you trust me to stand up for you or to keep your secrets?
» Do you think I would make a good leader?
» What is it that you dislike most about me?

» If there was anything about me that you would want to change, what would that be?

» When did I last hurt you?

» Which act of mine hurt you the most?

» What is the best thing that you like about me?
Most of these questions can be asked to those who are close friends of yours. Other than these specific ones, you could always take your friends' opinion before taking major decisions, like buying a house, enrolling into a university, or even about relationships.

Questions to Know Friends Better

You think you know your friends through and through? Good for you. But, what if you just took a quiz or rather threw some questions at your friends and checked if you had the right answers?
Here are some good questions to ask your friends to get to know about their preferences and choices:

» Of all the places you have visited, which one is your favorite?

» What do you like better, the hills or the beach?

» Who is your hero and why?

» Which is your favorite movie?
» What kind of books do you like to read? Who is your favorite author?
» What is the fondest memory of your childhood?

» If you had a genie, what would be the one wish you would ask for?

» Who are you closest to in your family?

» If you were allowed to live someone else's life, who would that be?

» What is your idea of relaxing?

» What are your hobbies?
» How do you spend Friday evenings?

» Which is your favorite cuisine or dish?

» Do you like sports? If yes, which is your favorite one?

» Where do you picture yourself 20 years down the line?
If you want to see if your friend knows you well enough, you could start off with normal questions, for example, about your favorite color, book, movie, or anything that you think your friend should know about you.
Well, as far as questions to be asked to see how well the friends know you are concerned, would depend upon personal experiences with that friend. Hence, you would be the best person to list the questions to see how well your friends understand you.
Not only do friends offer us emotional support when we need it the most, but they can also provide useful insights into who we are. They help us see a more realistic picture of ourselves. Use the questions mentioned to have a better understanding about yourself and your friends.