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The A-Z Guide on Funny Demonstration Speeches

Funny Demonstration Speeches
Humorous speeches coupled with funny performances are known as funny demonstration speeches. The SocialMettle article below explains the all about these speeches and also provides you with some fun demonstration speech topics.
Maya Pillai
Last Updated: May 30, 2018
Fast fact:

Demonstration speeches are also known as, "how-to" speeches, because they educate the audience on "how to" do something. They are one of the best ways of conveying information using humor and funny actions.

An informative speech that uses humorous and funny activities to convey a message is called a funny demonstration speech. Such speeched have built-in visual aids. The visual aids are the actions and gestures of the demonstrator. However, if one wants to improve the funny element in the speech, he/she could use additional aids, such as PowerPoint presentations, allowing the audience to perform as he delivers the speech and so on. The paragraphs below will tell you all about such speeches with topic examples and a sample as well.

An Introduction
  • As already mentioned, a demonstrative speech, literally, is a speech that 'demonstrates' something - some fact, procedure, information, event, etc.
  • Most demonstrative speeches require excellent use of gestures, actions, expressions, and more so, audio-visual aids.
  • 'How to do something' speeches are some of the best instances of demonstration speeches.
  • Always remember to deliver speeches on the topics you are comfortable with.
  • Before rendering, you must organize the flow of your speech. If you stammer in between, the entire beauty of the speech is lost, not to mention, people will have a lasting bad impression.
  • Keep in mind your target audience and their age-group while cracking jokes.
  • Never to crack a joke at the expense of someone in the audience.
Aids to Improve Demonstration Speeches

Visual Aids
  • You may have heard of the proverb, 'A picture speaks a thousand words'. Pictures and actions speak volumes.
  • To make your funny demonstration speech lively, you may either perform an action or show videos or project pictures on a white screen. These visuals would provide you ample support while delivering such speeches.
  • At times, you could also ask someone from the audience to enact, while you are delivering the speech.
  • For instance, if your topic is something, like 'How to paint a face', you could ask someone from the audience to volunteer. You could choose a funny theme and use bright paints to color the face.
  • Some funny theme could include Mickey Mouse, Mini Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Chip and Dale, and many more.
  • You could imitate the voice of these characters as you demonstrate. Audiences are likely to laugh loudly watching you perform as you render your funny speech.
  • You will not only capture the attention of the entire audience, but will also make them feel at ease with you.
Audio Aids
  • If there is a huge crowd, then it is wise to use a microphone. Your speech is likely to be heard clearly if you use a microphone or a mike.
  • Another important audio aid is the use of a tape-recorder. To produce the sound of a sheep bleating or a frying pan sizzling or a frog croaking, you could record the sounds earlier and use them while rendering the speech.
The visual and audio aids would enhance the hilarious effects of a funny demonstration speech. The other aids demonstrators commonly use while rendering these speeches are touch, taste, and smell. You will have your audience hooked if you could perform various emotions along with the gestures. Enhance your funny demonstrative speech with interesting anecdotes to make the performance hilarious.

Funny Demonstration Speech Topics

A list of topics are given below, with a couple of tips on how you can deliver the speech.

● The gestures of a tensed job applicant waiting for his turn at the interview venue.
  • Now, since the applicant is going to be tensed, depict a serious face. But, make sure you do not overdo it; mind you, it has to look funny.
  • Show a hilariously shocked expression when you see a fellow student, who is probably dull, come out of the interview hall, smiling.
  • Next, you demonstrate walking in a rather worried manner, with a file in hand. Straighten your tie, smoothen your shirt, take out a tissue and wipe your sweaty face; in short, the tensed expression that an interviewee has, should be demonstrated in a very funny way so as to entertain the audience.
  • The objective of the enactment is to present the idea of how tensed students are prior to an interview, and convey a message that they need not be so worried, and there will be other opportunities too.
● Demonstrate the facial expressions of a person who tastes the wine for the first time.
  • Not everyone like wine and can completely appreciate it. This is especially true for first timers.
  • You may create a scene as if you are tasting wine for the first time - so, to begin with, display a great show to confidence and attitude (prior to taking a sip).
  • Once you take a sip, pause for a second, and then display a screwed-up, pained face.
  • When the immediate realization, that you are being watched by many people enters your mind, try to adjust your expression as if you have enjoyed the sip and want to taste more.
  • This in-between state of affairs, of putting up a brave front despite not liking the taste of the wine, is wonderfully hilarious. Do justice to the situation.
How to wash clothes.
  • Well, this topic may or may not be hilarious. It is up to you to make use of the situation.
  • Many of us do have a washing machine and dryer at home, so enacting this topic in a funny way may or may not have the desired effect. However, you could act as if you have never used the washing machine before, and that you pressed all the wrong buttons, only to find a pool soapy water at your feet.
  • Use audio aids here, shout, gasp, groan - you have a lot of options to make your act seem hilarious.
  • If you wish, you can demonstrate an incident where you had to hand wash the clothes instead.
  • Use presentation ideas and display animated versions of how you struggled while washing your clothes.
● How to interpret body language.
  • This one has a lot of scope.
  • As human beings, we tend to naturally judge a person the way his body speaks. You could choose a particular set of people, and enact the way we judge them based on their appearance.
  • For example, a person who walks with his head high is generally considered to be confident, arrogant, or both.
  • Someone who walks and talks in a polite, docile manner is considered to have one of the submissive, cowardly set of personalities.
  • You could enact these characteristics and actions and explain the different body language gestures to your audience.
  • Bear in mind that people are completely different from what one assumes them to be, so, make sure you do not hurt anyone from the audience. Apologize at the end of the speech, if required.
● How to eat with chopsticks.
  • No offense here please, but not everyone can naturally eat with chopsticks.
  • Most of us are accustomed to eating with spoons, forks, and knives, except, while having authentic Chinese rice or noodles.
  • You would have noted this, or even experienced it perhaps, that it is very difficult to eat with chopsticks without any practice.
  • You could weave out a story of your own, and demonstrate how to eat with chopsticks.
  • People make a lot of mistakes the first time; you could make them all look hilarious.
  • For instance, you could demonstrate how you tried to eat noodles with chopsticks, and ended up dropping the sticks on the floor.
  • Next, you could show how you held the chopsticks firmly, but dropped the noodles on the floor.
  • You could also show how you dropped the food all over your napkin.
  • Through these intentionally hilarious demonstrations, finally, depict the right procedure of actually eating with chopsticks. This is what the aim of the topic is.
Miscellaneous Topics
  1. How to get your rebellious teenager to clean his/her room.
  2. What women of today expect from their partners.
  3. Demonstrate the Laws of Murphy.
  4. How to train a puppy.
  5. Demonstrate how Archimedes understood the volume displacement theory.
  6. The expressions on your face when you realize you forgot to do your homework.
  7. Reactions when your boss asks you to work late on a Friday.
  8. How to write a resume.
  9. How to decorate a cake.
  10. How to change a baby's diapers.
  11. How to teach your cat to excrete at the right place.
  12. Your reaction when graduate assignment submission dates have been postponed.
  13. Demonstrate your expressions when you have to watch an interesting video and the internet connection is slow.
  14. How to bargain at the grocery shop.
  15. How to eat at an elite, five-star restaurant.
  16. How to handle an incompetent housekeeper.
  17. How to teach a toddler to speak.
  18. How to become an actress/actor.
  19. A demonstration of the first time you cooked without help.
  20. A funny encounter at the railroad station.
  21. Difference between dating and marriage.
  22. Mimic some famous television artists.
  23. Embarrassing (but funny) incidents of your life.
  24. How to stay awake in a corporate conference.
  25. Funny reactions when you are forced to be polite to the person you dislike.
Sample of a Funny Demonstration Speech

This small sample gives a gist as to how you can deliver your speech. It is more like a written transcript; ignore the first few lines of standard information and concentrate on the content.

Type of Speech: Demonstration

Topic: Demonstrate a day in your life when everything went wrong (in a hilarious way).

Speech Content:

Good morning folks! I am Rachel Brown, no ... no ... no relation to Rachel Green please, I am here to deliver a demonstration speech about one of the worst days of my life. Good lord (induce a sarcastic tone here), can you believe I am here to actually enact that day again? Never mind, you deserve a few laughs too. So, here we go.

I awoke at 07:00 in the morning, panic-stricken, because I had an interview, and I had set the alarm at 06:00. Of course, the dumb sleeping beauty that I am, I did not hear the alarm go off. This was my expression when I awoke. (At this stage, use a visual aid to depict a startled, shocked face, an animated one would be perfect.)

I rushed through my morning chores like I had a bee in my bonnet, but no avail. I forgot to iron my clothes, spilled the coffee on my silk shirt, did not have time to wash and dry my hair, got a run in my stocking, and hurt my toe while running about. Could the beginning of the day get any better? This was my expression then.
(Here, depict a hilarious cartoon that is crying profusely.)

Next, I started from my house at 07:45 in the morning, while my interview was at 08:00. I tried informing the authorities about my delay, only to deal with a busy network. I missed my bus, got into an argument with the cab driver, and almost knocked an old lady down the stairs, while I was up on my way to work.
(Show a '.gif' image at this juncture, something like a person banging his head against the wall. It will have your audience in splits.)

I was almost an hour late for the interview, and needless to say, I stammered all through the interview. No surprises there, I lost the opportunity ... hey, what did you guys expect? A miracle?
(Be very sarcastic, use funny, recorded sounds.)

Act two, scene one - I forgot to have my lunch, in dejection. Missed my bus again, walked back like a fool. My toe was hurting like hell, and by the time I reached home, I developed a huge blister.

Scene two - by evening, I had swallowed a can of soup for sustenance. Possibly the worst thing. (Depict a sour expression here.) The soup turned out to be stale, I developed food poisoning, and ended up in a hospital room, crying like a baby.

So there!! Undoubtedly, for reasons unknown, it was one of the worst days of my life. Coming to think about it now, I have a good laugh. So, the next time you undergo something like this, just laugh it off, because better days await you!! All the best!!

Funny demonstration speeches are light and humorous. They demonstrate the lighter side of life and help the audience to relax and de-stress. Remember that you yourself must be calm and composed while delivering such a speech so that you can extend the same to your audience.