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Funny Conversation Starters

Kashmira Lad Sep 29, 2018
A good sense of humor can surely take you places. Check out these ideas for funny conversation starters and icebreakers.
Have you been to a party, wherein you set your sights upon an interesting personality, but did not know how to break the ice? Do you feel your senses going numb while facing a crowd?
Many people can embark on a conversation with ease, and make others comfortable around them. They truly have a gift of the gab. However, not everybody is naturally gifted with the art of making people talk in any situation. For some, conversing may turn out to be a true nightmare.

Sense of Humor

How does one go about breaking the ice? Humor is an important element. Funny comments or jokes help one to make others feel at ease, and open up. A light confab makes it easier for others to get involved, and they can continue with some point you may have begun. While dating, funny interjections are mainly used to attract members of the opposite sex.
Men in particular, love using humor to make an impression on their lady. Wit surely does add an interesting twist to whatever we wish to convey. Take a look at some funny conversation starter ideas to be used, especially when you find it difficult to break the ice.

Few Ideas

If you feel tensed, or people around you are not willing to mingle with each other, you can talk about some funny experiences of yours. With such a start, you are bound to induce a lot of laughs. Besides, others would also willingly join the tete-a-tete to relate funny incidents that they may have experienced.
1#  Imagine that you've seen an interesting person at a function or a club party. You obviously want to get introduced without sounding cliched about your approach.
You want an opportunity to know him/her better. Walk up to the person, and say, "Hi! I have noticed you for a while. I do think it's high time we met!" This will ease the situation, and help you score some extra points for a creative factor.
2#  If you are looking to create active participation from all the people at an interesting repartee, you can opt for some funny icebreakers by asking humorous questions. "Which animal would best represent your personality?", would help to generate a little bit of interest, and bring forth many interesting incidents.
You can even begin with your own self, and make the situation really funny by comparing your attributes with those of an animal.
3#  Striking a rapport with children is a challenge. While some love to chat, few are reticent about it. Share something funny from your childhood. Narrate how you goofed up in an exam. This will bring you to a level they can identify with.
These funny kick-starters should help you add some adroitness to a casual chat. Always ensure that you help people relax and feel comfortable with each other. This would be the most effective way to keep any conversation interesting and alive.