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Fun Questions to Ask People and Have a Good Conversation

Fun Questions to Ask People
Want to know some fun questions to ask people? The following article lists some interesting questions to ask your date, friends and even strangers you might come across at a party. Read on...
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Dec 21, 2017
Have you ever wondered, what is the recipe of an interesting conversation? If you have not, here it goes - mix experience, knowledge and intelligence, add a dash of humor and it is ready! However, like most things, it is easier said than done. Most of us can gain knowledge and experience, but when it comes to sense of humor, it cannot be developed, either a person has it or not. So, for all those people who think that they lack in this department, given below is a list of some fun questions that you can ask people to make a light and enjoyable conversation with them.
Fun Questions to Get to Know People
Fun questions to get to know someone are the same as you would ask a person you are meeting for the first time, the only difference being that they are asked in a slightly twisted manner.
  • Do you like reading books? Have you ever wondered why they leave blank pages at the back of the books?
  • What kind of food do you like?(wait for the reply) I like pizzas but one thing that I have always wondered is why they send round pizzas in square boxes?
  • Are you religious? Do you believe in the concept of heaven and hell?(Wait for the reply) What if people in hell have a fight? Where will they ask each other to go?
  • Do you think killing of animals should be checked? Is it not funny that you cannot keep a deer as a pet but it is all right to hang a killed deer on your house's wall?
  • What is the worst thing you have done when you got ditched by somebody?
  • What if God told you that today is your last day on earth? What all things would you do?
  • If you had to pick up one animal to describe you, what would it be and why?
  • Which body part of yours are you most proud of and why? (It's fun to ask if you are a girl but a guy asking this can be considered as a lecher by many women, so see whether it is alright to ask this).
  • What kind of music/films/TV shows you like? As a child I always imitated rock stars and even rehearsed speeches for receiving a Grammy. Did you ever do the same?
  • Have you ever lied to someone or cheated someone? If a habitual liar tells you that he is a habitual liar, will you believe him?
Fun Questions for a Get Together
Here is a list of some interesting random questions to ask people.
  • If I told you that someone in this party has served jail for a year, who do you think would that be?
  • What song you sang today in shower?
  • If there is a film being made on your life, what would it be called and who would star in it as you?
  • Have you ever crossed speed limit while driving? Did you survive?
  • When you dream, do you see yourself in your teens, twenties or thirties?
  • Do you believe that human species evolved from apes? Can you prove it with your actions?
  • When the clock strikes ten:ten, what are you up to most days?
  • If five out of ten people suffer from a viral infection during the rainy season, does it mean that the sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth enjoy it?
  • Do you think that the missiles would have a different shape if the engineers who designed them had been women?
  • If it's hot and humid as hell one day and cold and dry as hell on another, then what is the difference between the two weathers?
Here's hoping that you enjoyed reading these questions. To make your conversation interesting, listen more. See what the other person is talking about and then ask questions related to the same topic. This will help you to come up with great conversation starters and also avoid the long silences in between. One last tip before I sign off - It is very important that you enjoy your conversation with people. If you are stressed all the time about coming up with interesting things to talk about, it will start showing and take the fun factor away from your conversation. So, just relax, feel comfortable and be confident when making a conversation.
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