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The Significance of Friendship Symbols in Different Cultures

Friendship Symbols in Different Cultures
If you have the urge to convey a feeling to your friend about him/her, the absence of words might compel you to use a symbolic gesture. This could be in the form of a simple yellow rose or a special gift. Symbols make communication much easier. As you go through this article, you will understand the significance of friendship symbols used across different cultures.
Vibhav Gaonkar
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
Friendship Rule
Don't let jealousy or resentment threaten a good friendship. Friendship is a strong intimate bond between two people. Friendship symbols exist in several cultures over the world, and give meaning to this special relationship and preserve its essence. Take a look at these culture classified symbols/tokens of friendship, and understand their significance. It's always a good time to gift your best friend something meaningful and special.
Native American Friendship Symbols. Friendship Bracelets Arrows of Friendship
Friendship Bracelets
This is arguably the most common friendship symbol in the world. As per tradition, one ties a friendship bracelet onto the wrist of his/her friend who may make a wish at that moment; the wish would come true when the bracelet falls off naturally. Removing it prior to this signifies an eventual weakening of the friendly bond. So, quickly make some for your best pals and use lots of colors. If it is for a very special friend, you could even embroider his/her name on it.
Arrows of Friendship
Originating from American culture, the arrows of friendship symbolize the union of two people for a common goal (friendship in this case). These days, the arrows are engraved as tattoos on each of the two friends, and reflect their strong will to retain their friendship. Native Americans, who were deeply spiritual people, used signs and symbols to share their history, ideas, and dreams, including this popular arrow symbol.
Chinese Friendship Symbol Youyi
These two characters spell friendship in Chinese, and are written as Yǒuyì. While engraving this tattoo, one can also write the best friend's name to give it a better, more personal effect.
Japanese Friendship Symbol Yujo
Similar to the Chinese script, Japanese language also uses two characters to spell this word. These characters spell friendship, and are written as Yūjō in the language. A person's name or a design can be added for more meaning.
Celtic Friendship Symbols. Claddagh Ring Birds of Friendship
Claddagh Ring
A Claddagh ring of Celtic origin features two hands holding a heart between them, with a crown on the heart. It signifies love, friendship, and loyalty.
Birds of Friendship
The birds of friendship is an ancient symbol of friendship that is native to the Celtic culture.
Pagan Friendship Symbol Interlocked Hearts
Interlocked hearts are a popular symbol of deep friendship, or true love. These hearts could be gifted to a dear friend in the form of a pendant, or one could also tattoo them on the body.
West African Friendship Symbol Adinkra
The Adinkra comes from a language of western Africa. The symbol pictorially represents teeth and a tongue, and signifies the interdependence of both to function correctly. If one looks at it relating to life, it means the interdependence of two people towards a common goal, which is friendship and companionship.
Zibu Friendship Symbol
Zibu symbols were originally created by Debbie Zylstra Almstedt, who claims to have communicated with the angelic guides to discover this piece of art. The symbol above represents the presence of God within each person. When making friends, we actually honor these divine qualities within the other person, and the same is done by him/her.
Friendship Symbol in Buddhism Endless Knot
The Buddhist endless knot, also known as 'shrivatsa' in Sanskrit, is one of the eight auspicious symbols of the Buddhist culture (ashtamangala). In this context, the symbol represents eternal love and friendship, and the interdependence between the two.
Flowers Symbolizing Friendship Yellow Rose Chrysanthemums
Yellow Rose
Roses are used to convey heart-felt sentiments and are symbols of love and beauty. A yellow rose, in particular, always speaks the language of care and unconditional love (not the romantic type), which words can't convey. The yellow color is great to cheer up your buddies, and signifies the warm feelings of friendship and optimism. So just grab a yellow bouquet for your friend, and let the roses do the talking.
Chrysanthemums signify optimism and joy, and are the perfect way to cheer your buddies and convey your care and affection for them. Chrysanthemums bear petals similar to those of daisies, with a yellow center. In Japan, annually, there is a 'Festival of Happiness' to celebrate this flower, and it is also the city flower of Chicago. Create a bouquet of some good shades, and you could also add some more wild flowers to make it look more colorful.
Gemstones of Friendship Rhodonite Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli
This stone is composed of lazurite and pyrite, the latter of which is responsible for the tiny golden specks seen on its surface. It is believed that this stone affects the throat chakra, and helps the wearer communicate his/her ideas and thoughts freely and openly. Lapis is also believed to stimulate the thyroid and harmonize its functioning. It eliminates toxins and reduces high blood pressure. The stone can be gifted to a loved friend in the form of a ring, pendant, or a bracelet.
When the heart chakra is agitated, people lose touch with feelings and sensations. Rhodonite pacifies this chakra, and is responsible for stimulating acceptance, forgiveness, and unconditional love towards others. It prevents unnecessary panic, fear, and agitation. If you have frequent clashes with your friend, or find him/her too panicky and worried about things, gift him/her a rhodonite ring or a pendant.
Quick Steps to Make a Friendship Bracelet
Friendship bracelet making process
The roots of any healthy relationship is friendship. You have to be friends first, before being a mother, father, brother, sister, husband, or wife. Friendship is a noble state of being united to a person in whom you put all your trust, love, affection, and care. So respect your friends and always be with them when they need you the most.