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Etiquette Questions

Etiquette Questions to Help You Overcome Minor Difficulties

Are you attending a wedding? Are you hosting a party? Are you inviting your friends for baby shower? Read the frequently asked etiquette questions which will help you overcome minor difficulties and problems in arrangements.
Leena Palande
You might be hosting or attending a wedding or a party as the most awaited social event of the season. You can go through the following lists of etiquette questions and know about the general problems faced by people while arranging or attending such events.
Engagement Etiquette
  • Do you have to invite engagement party guests to the wedding too?
  • Whom should you tell first about your engagement?
  • Can a girl propose her boyfriend?
  • Does your boyfriend have to ask your father for permission to marry you?
  • What to do once you get the ring?
Wedding Etiquette
You can get sufficient information from the Internet for the bride, groom, and their families about the wedding etiquette. From the collected information, you will come to know what to do and what not to and how to gracefully handle the numerous sticky situations that can arise during a wedding. Just go through the following questions and be sure that you have the answers for them.
If you are arranging a wedding, you should know wedding invitation etiquette.
  • How to address invitation to a couple when the woman is a doctor?
  • What is a thank you note?
  • How to write a thank you note for a gift you plan to return?
  • What are the proper etiquette involving step parents ― seating, speaking, walking down the aisle?
  • How to deal with issues relating to second marriages?
  • What to do with gifts when the wedding is canceled?
  • Is it acceptable to make some guest invitations 'ceremony only' while keeping reception guest numbers to a minimum?
If you are attending a wedding,
  • Did you RSVP to your wedding invitation?
  • What kind of outfit can you wear? Wearing an all-white outfit is considered 'stealing the scene' from the bride.
  • Did you converse with everyone at the table you were seated at during the reception?
  • Are you attending the wedding on time? It will be considered quite rude to enter the ceremony after it has begun. If you are late due to unforeseen events, you should wait outside.
Bridal Etiquette
  • Is it tacky to put registry information on your wedding invitation? Until recently, it was mentioned with the wedding shower invitation.
  • Is inviting an ex to your wedding considered a taboo? The most basic of human emotion, jealousy, can play a powerful role here.
  • Is it ever okay to renege on a bridesmaid decision?
  • If you can't stand your mother-in-law, can you divorce her? It'll only make things worse.
  • Is it okay to wear a colored wedding dress?
  • Can the maid of honor look different from the other bridesmaids by choosing a different dress?
Baby Shower Etiquette
  • When is the best time to hold a baby shower and how long should it last?
  • Should it be held only for the first baby?
  • Should I arrange games at a baby shower?
  • Who usually organizes and hosts it?
  • Should I give baby shower favors to the guests?
  • How many people should I invite?
  • What sort of favors should I give at my baby shower?
  • Can you invite male friends?
Party Etiquette
  • Is it acceptable to have a cash bar?
  • Is a cocktail hour essential?
  • Can the groom's dad attend the bachelor party?
  • Can you ask the best man to organize a bachelor party for your fiancé?
  • How do you tell your fiancé that you are unhappy with his bachelor party plans?
  • Can an uninvited guest cause a disruption?
Business Etiquette
  • If you've forgotten a lunch with a business associate, should you call and set up another appointment or write a letter of apology?
  • When are you supposed to take your napkin from the table and place it on your lap, when invited for dinner?
  • How do you greet a visitor in your office?
  • When is the proper time to shake hands while saying good-bye?
  • Should you introduce your client to your boss or your boss to your client first?
After going through the etiquette questions lists, you must have observed that social as well as business etiquette are tricky and making the right moves can make a big difference.