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Tips to Easily Master the Art of Effective Communication

Kundan Pandey Nov 18, 2018
The art of communication is vital to succeed in professional and personal life. Further, we will discuss some tips on improving our skills related to it.
The art of communication is one of the distinctive attributes of the human species. Human evolution has developed language that separates it from the rest of the animal species.
Social scientists believe that communication and language have led to the intermingling of a plethora of religions, cultures, and sciences all over the world. From the inception of the iron age to the blistering 21st century, the ways of communication have assumed various forms.
According to a study carried out by linguists, words just constitute 7% of the skills related to communication. Other elements include aspects like body language, facial expressions, oration skills, and confidence, which constitute 93% of the effective skills in communication.

Let the Other Party Speak First

It is ideal to let others make their points and come up with issues that they think are necessary in order to solve the problem, first. If you don't let the other party speak first, you may miss some important point.
Besides that, the other party may think you are not considerate about their viewpoint, and this can turn the communication toward a wrong track. Don't interrupt the person in between and start your own stream of arguments. Be it business or interpersonal communication, first let the other party speak. You will get a chance to speak eventually.

Listening is an Art!

Listening is vital in every sphere of communication. Whether you are in a business meeting or with your spouse, if you are not listening to their views (remember, 'listening' and not 'hearing'), you may waste your time and also hamper a good relation.
Listen to the arguments and points put forward by the other person, and then leave some time to think. If you can develop the ability to listen well, it's like mastering a skill that will pay you rich dividends in the longer term of your career. Even in the corporate world, effective listening is of utmost importance.

Reach a Decision!

Instead of beating about the bush and just trying to play a blame game, try to reach a decision or solution. Present your concerns and feelings about the issue, and then ask the person what the common things are on which you can take a common stand.
It is better to finish the issue once, instead of carrying the burden of it into the future. Analyze all the points and reach a mutual decision.
Effective workplace communication is an art that every employee must learn in order to gel in a team and help the company grow to new heights. Workplaces are full of employees from different backgrounds and cultures, and it is highly probable that there are differences of opinion.
So, the crucial role of effective communication becomes more important. Developing good communication skills demands effort and perseverance. So, ensure that you make positive changes in your personality, and adopt these tips to make a great impact.