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Steal the Show With These 'How to' Demonstration Speech Topics

Ranjan Shandilya Oct 30, 2018
Demonstration speech is a form of informational speaking. While selecting a topic, it is vital to consider the information that you will be able to impart.
An interesting fact, that all demonstration speeches are judged on style and form rather than the content. While giving a speech, you not only have to be passionate about the topic, but also have to be confident. Make sure to conduct an audience analysis so that you don't end up giving an instructive speech about the theory of relativity to a 12-yr old.
The easiest way to give a demonstration speech (also known as informative speech topics) is to show how something is done, how to make something or how something works. A few examples are as follows:

┗ How to make a fruit cake
┗ How to use a washing machine
┗ How to make candles
┗ How to apply makeup
┗ How to make lemonade
┗ How to perform CPR
┗ How to paint face
┗ How to make a kite
┗ How to make a sundial
┗ How to make a wind chime
┗ How to make tossed salad
┗ How to clean silver
┗ How to make cocktail
┗ How to take photographs
┗ How to analyze handwriting
┗ How to sew
┗ How to bake a cake
┗ How to make a webpage
┗ How to arrange flowers
┗ How to type
┗ How to make a steak
┗ How to shop online
┗ How to make soap
┗ How to play the guitar
┗ How to build a bird house
┗ How to make ice cream
┗ How to make beer
┗ How to have flowers in your garden all year around
┗ How to act
┗ How to interpret body language
┗ How to shoot for a film
┗ How to multiply
┗ How to bake cookies
┗ How to make sand castles
┗ How to make a wedding gown
┗ How to host a party
┗ How the cold virus attacks
┗ How to perform a magic trick
┗ How to write an article
┗ How to decorate a Christmas tree
┗ How a Xerox machine works
┗ How to clean a wound
┗ How to knit a sweater
┗ How to jive
┗ How to paint
┗ How to speak effectively
┗ How to floss your teeth
┗ How to wrap a present
Well, the list is endless. But as we also know choosing a good topic is only half the battle won. As the main aim here is to 'demonstrate', a visual aid is a must. You can display your creativity by using as many visual aids as necessary.
In addition to any props that you can display, a PowerPoint presentation displaying ingredients, charts, summary will be helpful in engaging the audience further. You will obviously have to also follow all the guidelines to deliver a good speech. And remember to always end the speech with a memorable summary.
The following ancient Chinese proverb aptly sums up the purpose of a demonstrative speech: 'Tell Me, I Forget. Show Me, I Remember. Involve Me, I Understand.'