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Creative Presentation Ideas

Stephen Rampur Sep 29, 2018
There are many creative ideas to use in your presentations to make them more effective. A good presentation is an outcome of a good idea as well as presenting skills. If you wish to win the hearts of your clients through your presentation, here are some ideas.
Presentations are very important to prove a certain point to the audience, be it a school presentation or a presentation in the office. It refers to what you are talking about and how are you putting it across. The audience will only understand what you want to say, if the presentation gives a clear insight of the matter involved.
If you want to add creativity to your presentations and make them more clear and easy to understand, you need to consider some unique presentation ideas. By adding creativity, the attendees are more likely to listen more attentively and with interest, and respond back after understanding the complete topic.

Impressive Presentation Ideas

Using Slide Shows

There are many software that can be utilized to make attractive slide shows, which would add creativity to the presentation. Some of these software applications are freely available for download on the Internet.
The most commonly used application is PowerPoint, that has different features and functions to make the presentation more informative. Similarly, there are many other computer applications which have different features to be availed for making the presentation effective.
Many times, you are provided with a template to create a slide show presentation since it is common for all try making it a little different so that it seems fresh. If it is an official presentation, go easy on the animation and do not add too many sound effects.

Employing Booklets

A booklet or a synopsis is a file containing the detailed idea your presentation is dealing with. The presentations would be more explanatory, if you implement the use of it in your project presentation plan. Along with your oral presentation, the booklets would attract more attention from the audience and add to the interest in the topic of discussion.
The booklet should be designed in a manner such that it seems to be created specifically for the seminar. Ensure that you do not make it too wordy, and make it a point to leave sufficient white space to make the message clear.

Using Newscast

Newscast is the method of broadcasting news via a video or audio. If you want to conduct a presentation in your office in front of the clients and the management committee, a newscast is probably one of the best presentation ideas.
If there is a variety of data from different fields that you want to present, film yourself or a volunteer in the locations and environment related with respective data sections in the presentation. This would set a good impression in the minds of both, the management and your clients. It can make the presentation more realistic, actual, and practical.

Using and Drawing Images as You Explain

This is surely one of the most appropriate presentation ideas for school, as the audience or children are likely to act more responsively to pictures and images related to the topic of discussion. You can either use the images readily available over the Internet or draw them yourself while explaining.
For making drawings, as you conduct the presentation, you need to take help from a caricaturist assistant or anyone who is good at drawing. These drawings would set a pictorial presentation, in addition to what you are trying to explain to the audience. Images make the topic clearer and easily understandable.

Adding a Bit of Humor

It is definite that in effective presentation techniques, there is a touch of humor. Ensure that you crack some jokes in between the presentations, especially, if they are to be given in schools and universities. This would enable the audience to keep up interest in the matter of discussion, without getting bored with the topic.
Jokes and funny short stories are some ways to add humor in the session. Humor can also be used as an icebreaker if you are presenting in front of strangers. You can start with a funny short story, involve someone from the audience and then link it to your topic of presentation.
Remember not to deviate from the topic, it's better to rehearse before taking up this technique. Humor is an excellent way to capture the interest of your audience.

Utilizing Pie Charts and Graphs

In an official presentation there is bound to be a list of financial or tabular data. Represent this data in the form of pie charts or graphs to make it comprehensible. They can be easily made using tools on MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint.
Normally, the presentation time is short and shorter than that is the audience's attention span. Therefore, to make people read the statistics in your data, present it in a smart way using pie charts.
These ideas are bound to help you, but with this you need a few skills to make it a hit. Just memorize a few pointers:

► Fill up all the silent moments:
It is good to give some thinking time to your audience, but if it is getting stretched, quickly take up charge and say something.
► Do not put thoughts in your clients' head: Using phrases like "you will love it!"  or "I know you have understood"  yields an opposite reaction from the client. Rather than working for you it will work against you.
Do not read from the slides: A creative idea needs a creative style of presenting it. What is on your slide can be read by everybody, but what you speak will catch the interest of your audience.
► Know when to stop: If your aim is to convince a client and somewhere in the middle of your presentation you have their approval, then wrap up your presentation. Overselling an idea leads to second thoughts. So, as soon as they are convinced it's time for lunch! 
All these, step into the boardroom creating an atmosphere of approval. With a confident stance and easygoing attitude, you can win the hearts of your clients. If you make them smile and nod their heads, you should know that you have steered them in your favor.
Then you can comfortably slide in your presentation without altering the mood or tone. Use a conversational approach and not a business-like or advertising style. Knowledge is shared by many, but the key to success is to be an excellent presenter.