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Questions That Serve as Good Conversation Starters

Parashar Joshi Nov 18, 2018
If you're thinking of ways to initiate an interesting discussion with someone you've just met, here are some good conversation starters in the form of questions. Read ahead to know what they are.
So you're on your way to work (or to some other place) and you happen to spot a pretty face sitting all by herself at the opposite end of the bus. Luckily, for you, the seat next to hers hasn't been taken as yet!
Not wanting to miss out on this golden opportunity, you casually stroll down the aisle and sit down in the vacant seat next to her.
She turns her head towards you, notices you and then as most strangers would normally do, either gives you a slight smile that is 100% fake or turns her head back to whatever it is that she was reading. Now if you want to get to know the lady behind the pretty face, you need to start a conversation, and a bloody interesting and engrossing one at that!

Conversation Starters

Well, before enlisting any good, bad, serious, funny, worst, or best conversation starter questions, there is one important thing that you should know. How and in what order you make use of these conversation starter questions matters a great deal.
Now, due to time and other constraints, we will simply list these questions in a random order. So, it is going to take a little bit of effort from your side to figure out which question to begin with and how to proceed thereafter.

Simple Questions

► Hi! I'm XYZ (your name). And what would be the lovely name behind that pretty face?

► Do you live nearby?

► So, other than traveling on this bus, what else do you do?

►What is your zodiac sign?
► Do you like your job or your area of work?

► What do you like or love most about your field of work?

► Did you always want to become an XYZ (her profession or line of work)?

► So, apart from being an XYZ (her profession), what are your other interests?
► What is the best place you've ever been to or traveled to?

► If not mine, then what is the worst pickup line that has ever been used on you?

► What is your idea of fun?

► Are you by nature a wild, adventurous person or are you a calm, composed individual?
► Are you a movie buff?

► Do you always chit-chat with your fellow passengers, or am I the first one to get lucky?

Do you believe in destiny? Or do you think we have the power to define and design our own destinies?

►What do you think matters more - love or lust?

Funny Questions

► How come a woman as beautiful as you has an empty seat next to her?

► Are you really reading that book, or are you using it just to keep fellow passengers like me from bothering you with pointless chit-chat?

► Have you ever milked a cow?

► Excuse me, what according to you, would be a great conversation starter question to initiate a good one between the two of us?
► Okay, here's a question. What was the first thought that came to your mind when you saw me?

► I'm sorry, I don't normally indulge in chit-chat with a fellow passenger, but with a passenger as lovely as you are, I just couldn't resist!

► Excuse me, I need your opinion about something. Do I, by any chance, come across as gay?
Well, these were a few suggestions regarding conversation starters, questions, ideas, topics, etc. Use them well!