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Adopt Most Suitable Style of Communication for Your Personality

Megha Tiwari Apr 28, 2019
Are you trying to understand the various communication styles to reach out more effectively? Read ahead to extract more information about it.
For the past few years, psychologists have been trying to understand the communication styles that are being adopted by different people worldwide, and they have come to the conclusion that the method of communicating of every individual depends on two factors, namely openness and directness.
To choose the best style to express yourself and comprehend others, one should have an understanding about the self. So, let's move ahead to learn the various methods that will help you to use the verbal and written communication effectively.

Understanding Your Style

To acquire a good command over any language, you must first understand the personal communication style. This requires self-analysis and awareness, which also include how others perceive and understand you. This would help you to employ the effective communication skills in the workplace, as well as in your personal life.
Here are four types of personality elements that influence it; an understanding of these traits would help you to assess the self and to choose the most suitable method.


These kinds of people think of themselves to be superior and try to control others by thrusting their decisions on them.
They work to achieve the goal at the cost of others and with the sole intention to win anyhow. In this type of personality, an individual tends to boost himself, whereas he derogates others and because of this, people around him feel hurt and humiliated.


These kinds of people allow others to express themselves and contribute equally in decision-making. They drive in a safe mode, i.e., they try to avoid confrontations and are self-denying. They feel helpless and ignored because of lack of attention to them. They, themselves, are responsible for this, as they allow others to meet targets at their own expense.


They acquire some of the traits of both passive and aggressive personality types. They have a very manipulative nature. They pretend to be honest, but are not trustworthy. They even manipulate the situations to win, without giving you a feel of it. They believe that one must fight to earn respect and to be heard.


These kinds of people are very sensitive and care for others. They believe in making their own decisions and dealing with situations through a win-win approach rather than win-lose. They are honest and direct in approach.
They give due respect to others and thus, others too reciprocate with the same love, affection, respect, and trust. Their underlying principles are protection of self-respect and rights and respecting others, but this does not mean that they accept the wrong behavior of others.

Various Styles of Communicating

Effective communication in the workplace, as well as in your personal life is of paramount importance. Its absence can lead to misunderstandings and confusions. In order to excel in this world and to have good interpersonal skills, it is essential for you to adopt the most effective style.

Controllers or Directors

They are task oriented and focus on the end result as they are ambitious. They always look at things from a bigger perspective. They speak less and act more, and are always ready to face risks and dangers.
To communicate with such people, do not beat around the bush; come straight to the point and prove how your ideas are goal oriented. If you are at the position of a controller, remember that due respect and attention should be given to followers, apart from focusing on a target.

Collaborators or Relaters

They emphasize interpersonal relationships and consider others' opinions. They always take the consent of their co-workers before moving ahead.
However, sometimes, their friendly nature hinders the progress of the work. They do not get along with the change easily; instead, they take some time to adjust. While communicating with the collaborators, make them feel that you are interested and that you can comfortably share your personal experiences.

Analyzers or Thinkers

Their main focus is on the technical details of the task. They analyze the situation logically and not rationally. They prefer to work alone on a problem, and hence take time to generate solution. Alike the collaborators, thinkers also take time to accept the change.
Ensure that you avoid indulging in any conflict with them. While dealing with a thinker, you must present each minute detail and take time to explain the things. To assist thinkers to adjust with the change, try to convince them with logical support and arguments.

Socializers or Open

They love meeting new people and enjoy challenges. Their performance excels when working in a team. They are always a source of motivation for others because of the enthusiasm they show towards their tasks. They love indulging in healthy discussions and brainstorming. The focus should be on the new trends and concepts when interacting with the socializers.
The understanding of these styles of communication would guide you to adopt the most effective one in any sphere of life.