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Commonly Used British Insults and their Meaning

With all due respect, this happens to be the barmiest list of some classic British insults and comebacks. And for all you muppets out there, we're also including what they mean, and when to use them.
SocialMettle Staff
Only in Britain could it be thought a defect to be 'too clever by half'.
John Major
And if you've lost the plot already, allow us to explain that the British are rather peculiar when it comes to expressing their displeasure. Well, for starters, it puts them in a conundrum of sorts, given the fact that they are polite to the core, and abhor confrontation at all times.
So, what happens when a Brit is really pissed off? We reckon a lot of jaw-gnashing discomfort, followed by a slew of abuses―but only within his head, of course. The only time you can actually hear some legit British abuses is when they are a part of harmless banter among friends over a pint of bitters.
Which is precisely why we've brought you a definitive list of British insults and comebacks. Understand them, utilize them, and savor them.
Arsemonger A contemptible person
Ankle biters Children
Barmy Idiotic
Billy no-mates Someone with no friends
Bollocks Nonsense/Rubbish
Bugger Jerk
Cheeky Naughty/Risqué
Codger Irritating person
Daft cow Stupid, fat woman
Dodgy Shady/Weird
Dozy Dim-witted
Duffer Idiot/Fool
Git Moron/Idiot
Gormless Lacking common sense
Knob Disgusting/useless person
Maggot A despicable person
Minger Highly unattractive woman
Muppet Very stupid person
Nancy An effeminate man
Nosey parker A person who interferes too much
Nutter Someone with a loose screw/stupid
Pillock/Plonker/Prat Idiot
Skanky Disgusting
Sod Idiot
Trollop A woman of lesser morals
Tyke Rascal