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Bathroom Etiquette - Yes, They Too Matter, a Lot!

Stephen Rampur Apr 20, 2019
Some people might not even know that there is a bathroom etiquette to be followed, while using one in office. Read to know more.
Everywhere we go, we have to follow a certain etiquette relevant to that particular setting. Workplace etiquette are vital as you leave lasting impressions on people you are working with. People here are judging you all the time, and you don't want them to think otherwise about you, when it comes to the washroom of all the places.

At the Workplace

The most important etiquette is to not talk about business and work matters in the restroom. Save the business talk to be discussed in the conference room or in your cabin.
Washing and wiping your hands clean after you use the restroom is also a very important etiquette. You yourself would not like someone not washing their hands after a visit to one, and coming towards you for a handshake.
Before trying to get into a stall, just peek beneath to see if anyone is there. Don't just barge in. Furthermore, when you use the toilet, it is necessary that you use the flush.
You would certainly not like it when you get into one, just to see it being dirty and not flushed. Before you leave the toilet, make sure that it is clean enough to be used by another person. If any of the toiletries are not available, you need to inform the person concerned for maintenance.
It is also bad manners if you talk too much in the bathroom, or talk on your cell phone. You will never want the person on the other line to be able to listen to the weird background sounds. If there is a bad odor coming, you should use an air freshener.
But make sure you do not spray too much so that people coming afterwards will have to close their nose, not due to the odor, but the air freshener. The restroom is meant to be a silent place, and a good etiquette is to not talk or laugh loudly.

For Males

One of the most important men's etiquette is not to use a urinal, that is right next to the one which is being used. While being in a stall, you should avoid tapping your feet, singing a tune, snapping your fingers, and doing other similar things.
Make sure you have the toilet seat clean before you leave it. After using the washroom, throw all the used materials in the bin.
Do not throw used materials like toilet paper as you wish. After you enter the stall, make sure that the door is latched properly and that it will not open accidentally.

For Females

While at the workplace, women should also keep some etiquette in mind. One should not take too long in front of the mirror for doing her makeup.
Understand that other women too have to use the sink. Also, women need to understand not to apply too much of perfume or cologne, which may cause discomfort to other people. When you use tissues or paper towels and if they are the last ones, it is suggested that you replace them with new ones, if available.
These are some of the notable workplace restroom etiquette, that are to be followed by the employees. If one does not consider them, other employees may have a very bad impression about him/her.